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  • 100% positive testimonials till day

  • Widely recognised and scientifically proven methods

  • Full support from the start 



"I found my consulations with Tania particularly helpful, finding clarity with a number of personal and business issues. She was very patient and encouraging, as I unearthed blockages, which initially I was unaware existed to such depths, until we worked together to clear them. Her intuition and natural ability to tune into people is exceptional. I highly recommend her services"
T. G, In Mind In Body Founder, England


"Tania Zayets coaching was incredibly helpful in enabling me to see conflicts and problems as opportunities for my business to become better and stronger. She helped me to see that flaws in the model were being highlighted when I came across problems and that helped me to identify the problem, and address it so it did not become a problem in future. She helped me to improve my business using this method which enabled my business to thrive within a very short period of implementing the measures we discussed. "
Cheryl Pilliner-Reeves, CEO at Archimake, England

Overview of Services

Tania Zayets Alignment and Coaching


  • Set powerful goals and move towards them with focused and determination

  • Become truly a pioneer and a leader of realising your ideas 

  • Create powerful, invincible boundaries, to achieve your goals

  • Get the recognition that you truly deserve 

  • Be proactive, mindful achiever, a role model for many

  • Enjoy newly found confidence and sense of fulfilment

Happy Children


All champions in sport have a coach or a mentor, imagine how would it feel to have one for your personal life or business!

Champion the One that you are. Become your own best. And, yet, Beat your own best.
No copying, no comparing, no setting yourself damn meaningless goals. 
We work only on goals that are truly special and mean the World to you, these goals will give you the capacity to become invincible, truly will make you nothing less but a Champion.

And I feel truly inspired and fulfilled seeing my clients rising to new heights of their lives and business.

It's my honour to facilitate my clients towards their best "Personal Best" achievement yet. 
A side effect of realising these goals would also be, success in other areas of your life. 

This program is right for you if you are eager to make that leap of faith in work, business or personal projects. To bring powerful change in your life.



 Align and Balance.

Bring balance and quality of well-being into your life. Regain a sense of confidence and power of being in charge of your life and improve your state of being.

 Empower and Focus.

Become clear about what it is your meant to do in the world, release self-sabotage, procrastination and stuckness.

 Act and Achieve.

Set real timely objectives and commit to actions

Take responsibility for your achievements


  • Choose your meetings - weekly, fortnightly, monthly 

  • In-person or skype/zoom,

  • Continous Email support

  • Tailored to your circumstances tools,

  • Choose the length of support 6, 9 or 12 month

  • Custom-made facilitation and support

Please contact me for details and to arrange a free phone consultation. We will explore during phone consultation your needs and challenges with the aim to choose the right direction for work. 

Performance Coaching Program

   Champion yourself.

Do you want to make a difference for yourself and the future of our planet? 

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