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About me

The services that I offer to my clients are founded on my solid educational background with degrees MBA and MSc Finance, Decade-long established career in Business Management, various Coaching and Healing studies, Consciousness evolution techniques and ongoing Training from best in the industry.


I believe when a human being is empowered and acts from the space of their authentic self-expression in the world - whole humanity, ultimately, arrive at a better place.
One of my purposes in life is to make an impact in the world through creating balanced and harmonious relationships.

I believe, that all most precious gifts that each one of us possesses is within ourselves and never outside.

I believe, in power of Unity. That all for One and One for all.

I believe that Love is the most potent Healer. And it's through opening our Hearts to ourselves and each other we create this planet a beautiful and a Safe Home for us.

Looking forward to championing you!

I’d love to hear from you, please use the contact form here or email me at

Please help me to support the project that I am deeply passionate about:

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