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"Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know."
Pema Chodron

"Life Alignment offers the possibility to release the programs, traumas and belief systems we hold onto through our lives - but which can prevent us living a life of joy and flow. As we do, we are no longer governed by external circumstances but become the Master of our own lives with a synchronistic, co-creative relationship with our true essence."

Developer of Life Alignment

"Transformation on a personal level is reflected at a global level, and there is to my mind, no greater gift we can give one another than that attending our internal conflicts, healing our wounds, and living more peacefully with our Self. with each other ad all living things."

Author of "The Healing Power of Life Alignment"

How does it work?

In Life Alignment we work on an energetic and emotional level. We access the entry points on the human body (similar to acupuncture points but not the same, without needles, though) that carry a perceived negative emotional charge of person's life, which is available to be transformed into new positive self-belief. Life Alignment practitioner holds a safe space for a person to connect the subconscious mind and to uncover the limiting beliefs, program, etc. that is the focus of the session. A person can make the own observation of how this limiting belief played out in life. Next stage they can make a choice to change it, or rewrite it toat a root. 
Once it's done, lots of stagnated energy is being released.  Just after one session, the person might be able to recognise own
lifelong patterns and make a choice to change it as per his will. 

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  • Receive a new life perspective 

  • See issue outside of box

  • Break the status quo, in relationships, career 

  • Identify habitual thought patterns that are responsible for creation of havoc and lack of joy in life

  • Make a lasting change in life

  • Untangle from heavy emotions

  • Freeing from unnecessary drama, pains and hurts

  • Identify your own genius zone, the unutilised talents and skills

  • Make relationships grow stronger as well as letting go in a safe manner

  • Build a connection with own feelings and emotions, to master control over own life

  • Unmask the creativity or to take it to a new level

  • Have an energetic and moral supports during critical and chronic illnesses

  • Release physical pain and chronic conditions

  • Reconnect with the sense of purpose in life

The changes that you can expect

Tania Zayets Life Alignment and Coaching


The Journey of Self-Discovery 

Life Alignment is an energy medicine that provides means of self-realisation of once full potential in real time. The process is giving a plethora of inner experiences to discover the Existence in its true form and to fully surrender to love as the only fully meaningful state that one can achieve On Earth.Real timeLife Alignment has been developed through decades of genius work of Dr Jeff Levin, an architect by vocation and truly gifted servant
Life Alignment supports in redefining the meaning in our lives. It's not the actual trauma that haunts us but the meaning we attached to certain episodes of our lives.  
means being here and now.ofhuman race. Jeff's gift to humanity has been invaluable.
Life Alignment covers all aspects of alignment works inclusive of Home Alignment, Business Alignment, Life Purpose, Life Path, Manifestation, DNA code activation and many more processes. Life Alignment is not complete, and further evolvement is happening in line with the needs of humanity.

I would like to invite you to the journey of self-discovery and finding your true life purpose. Join us today.

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