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Another look on Self Love.. Or stop fighting the Ego.

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Our life is mostly about learning. Learning about who we truly are, while shedding off layers of ego’s formed stories about ourselves. So every step of the way we take, we come closer to who we are. And that is Light and Love. All conflicts that are happening in the world are the result of friction of relationships within us. And depending on how loving and accepting we are towards our own identity at any time, we will project same amount of love and acceptance to the world, and ultimately to the people around us. As well, the level of connection that we provide towards our selves, will be an exact match to the level of connection that we experience with all that is around us. And so on.

We go into struggles whenever we are attacking our own identity - Ego. So each time we are facing the frictions and challenges with the outside world, the way out is to ask ourselves – “What my internal argument is about? What am I scared of?” And to look for the answer… Within. Each one of us has a perfect body, self sustaining and self balancing system. It works with the aim to prove a home to Soul. With every experience we go through - self learning occurs. Resolution of every challenge we are facing in our life brings release of energy and the soul light shines brighter. As a soul we choose to play different roles in our life time on Earth. We decide to play roles so we can learn about ourselves from new perspectives. We can be a movie star, a monk, a healer, a burdened mother, a beggar etc. Type of role we pick will depend on what experience as a soul, we wish to go through in the life time and what we wish to learn about us.

The ego is what helps to separate our form from others. With help of Ego separation is created in form of what is “I” and “Not I” or “Them”. And once baby is born it takes several years for parents, society, whole environment to create this new persona. Throughout life person will do many steps to engrave his or her identity, while shedding something that is not right and getting new roles that they perceive right. Ego works truly hard to protect itself. Without Ego this life as we know cannot be sustained. The balance of life happens through means of relationships that each one of us forms with our own ego. It’s only when we find a peaceful cooperation with our own identity we come into acceptance of the external World. If I could offer a metaphor what is Ego in relation to the Soul, I would offer an image of a Soul holding the Egg (Ego). The balanced way of living life is when one relates to their own identity as to an egg.

Egg has a defined shell. That appears as firm, clearly shaped. However, we all know that egg needs to be held or to be placed in safe space for protection. While holding up an egg one must not push it too hard as it may break, neither to shake it too long as its content will get mixed up. As well one shall not to play with it relentlessly as it may just slip and break. The soul holds an egg with love. Loving and respecting its qualities of vulnerability and authenticity. Can you really change an egg? No, but you can change an attitude to it. That means that in mundane day to day living, it’s so important to be in connection with our identity, and its physical expression – the Body. Our job is to be the most loving and loyal parent, friend, lover, child towards own identity. Being fair and just with it, exercising necessary respect, discipline and commitment towards one own well-being, while constantly holding space of love and compassion towards yourself. And that means if you feel insecure about money, you might just go and find a way to earn the money. If you feel lonely you might just go and invest your time in forming the relationships. If you feel tired you might just need to have a rest. As well it’s about recognition of self destructing behaviour and being responsible towards own being. Reaching out for help if that is needed. And this ultimate exercise of self love, loyalty and being available to yourself at all time will be transmitted to the World outside, creating sustainable life with cooperation, flow and love, as the only definitive way of being on this Planet.

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