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  • Tania Zayets

Voice of love.

We live in the age of great uncertainty. Many things that one thought may not be possible for our age and time are happening in front of our eyes. This is the era when new games are played with the old rules. The Presence of New and Old is prominent. And many times the New is nothing, but the Old wearing a New Coat. Just like a wolf in the sheep skin. It’s a time of great, and much needed change. However, the way change is happening seems to be going out of control, and not in the desired way. It creates so much fear, disbelief and despair. Our DNA is carrying the memories of positively perceived life events and negative too, like wars, traumatic historical episodes etc. And whenever we are facing the uncertainty, the mind naturally looks for ways to replicate something from known and past lives to fill up the void, that it is facing in form of an ambiguity. During these times the level of stress is naturally much higher and “fight and flight” syndrome becomes a new normality. What we might not be able to immediately see is that times have already changed. No matter the amount of effort that goes into stopping new life opening to us; the bigger change that is driven by Nature is way more powerful.The number of charities, good will organisations, small voices and big voices of love are growing and existing power structures like media and governments, are loosing their power every second, because voice of love is stronger. It penetrates from deep down of your soul and once a person is touched by it, the level of harm they can create towards themselves or others diminishes dramatically. So I wish to invite you to join in the movement called Voice of Love. The participation is simple. You make a choice today to whatever sadness you bare in your life, find a moment to express Love. Love to anything. Love to the air you breathe, to a singing bird you may not even see or a squirrel that happens to come across your way with a lunch of a couple of oak nuts. This voice of love can be quiet voice of your mind or the loudest scream you could ever produce.It can be danced out or rhymed out. It can be painted, pantomimed, baked or can be completely silent. It doesn’t matter. In fact, an excitement comes in when you realise in how many forms it’s possible to express love. Let’s not wait for Valentine’s Day. Let’s do it today. Through expressing Love the way we know it, we are filling up the void of uncertainty with something precious. We give no chance to fear to victimise us. We become invincible.

#love #oldparadigm #newparadigm #takepowerback

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