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  • Tania Zayets

We have a choice.

In our essence, we are all One.

One Love.

One Existence.

One God.

One United Totality of being.

One Mind.

The infinite Mind Has quality of an absolute peace. It sounds on one resonance – om. It has no limit. It has no beginning and no end. It has no color. It has no time. It just is. All happens in “no time.” Present. There is only one time and this time is now.

Time is an illusion that only exists in the human mind. All our many lives, past époques, all joyful and painful moments, all our ever existing living expressions are happening simultaneously now.

All that we see around ourselves is our projection of reality “That Is.”

We live for a lifetime in the form of a chosen persona/identity, which has a particular pack of traits. And it expresses it’s persona to the rest of Existence. We are many facets of the one. And our human life is like a game, with preset rules, contractual agreements, story lines, etc., we choose to play for this human lifetime. I say Game, as in reality nothing is so serious.

We dream together this beautiful planet that we have created and inhibited.

If you are reading this, it may be familiar to you. What is the use of this information for me? The purpose of it is to give you power, to remind you of something, which you have always known.

The message is such that all the fears that we perceive are nothing, but an illusion of our minds. We never die because we have never been born with that understanding that we think.

We simultaneously all participate in Life.

All the Saints, Angelic realms are more evolved Souls with different levels of perception of what Is. In fact, they are still seeking evolvement, just as we do.

The powerful individuals are as powerful as we perceive them to be. And the meaning of power is only what we as collective shall put into it.

Our Ultimate goal is to experience ourselves through this current fragmentation as one again. And feel the Oneness. The demonic, or so-called dark forces are as real as anything else that our minds were ever able to produce. All that had been ever thought, even once, is created. Some elements are not visible to our eye but live in our imagination. Thus they are alive.

We create when we dream together.

We have a Choice.

We learn about ourselves, our projection through an experience of interactions with others, through relationships.

Our choice is in the decision if you wish or not to experience a certain level of relationships. You don’t have to face the “monster,” go into power struggles and be a victim of the war situations. You can decide:”I don’t want to go through this experience, interaction, a thought pattern or this vision, company of this person, presence of this environment”. The choice is a great boundary creation. We got to understand that without our immediate agreement to experience certain things in our environment, it wouldn’t have happened. If we do find ourselves in a given situation that is because:

First, we have an agreement to be in this situation.

Second, we on a soul level invited this for our life. So we can learn about this projection of our identity with the whole of the existence on the level of this physical manifestation.

As we learn, we evolve, beyond this current projection.

The current projection of identity is present there because there is still attachment to the set of beliefs that person carries about themselves. These beliefs create illusionary separations. Identity is a fragmented expression of Love of God. We all are Jesus’ embodiments at a different times of his soul evolution.

We all ultimately only feel as much alive and fulfilled in the present identity projection, as much as we follow the path of the enlightenment. Following the enlightened Master is a deeply engraved in our soul. And this naturally has given rise to religions and spiritual practices. We shall follow the Master to the point when we are to become one with the Master.

The lesson is learned when you decide that you wish not to pursue with current relationship and interaction. You only say: “I am not enjoying this. I wish not to interact with you any longer.” Depending on the level of your personal evolution that decision alone, may be enough to shift the whole reality.

In this reality, the consistency, an effort, and perseverance is a must.

A union of our collective effort is powerful. Whenever we unite in one great intention with one consistent set of behavior, we can change the environment for the whole world for better.

Follow your heart. It knows best. ps. Please note, most of the content of my writing is a description of my awakening insights. You can take in as much as it resonates with you. If you have a question, please do contact me. Let's journey together.

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