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  • Tania Zayets

Facets of One Perfect Diamond

All in this world is designed for our sheer happiness and joyful experience. The Universe is set up in constant flow and interaction that is fueled by our wishes, desires, wants. “Your wish is my command” is Universe's motto.

And there is no judgment as of what wishes do we produce.

Whenever a thought occurs that the happiness is subject to the presence of certain environment, people, emotion, material or non-material factor, health element, etc. the sense of imperfection is born. That is how we give away our power as an individual. There we have a formula of how the power struggles are born.

Whenever individuals don’t recognise their excellence and glory, they ultimately create a deficiency state within their life field. Lack of fullness, fulfillment, purpose, love etc., in fact any sense of lack creates ultimate self-rejection.

Naturally, there is more of the deficit will be generated as a way forward. Feeling “not enough” creates distractive behavior the one that is a delusional race of accomplishing “more”, being “more”, feeling “more”.

In truth - All you need is within.

Let’s explore more what that means.

It points out that if you have a question – the answer, very precise one, is available to you from your inner guidance. That is the reason the ancient meditations, silence, mindfulness, yoga, breathing practices have been there for millennium and thriving during our times and age. We have a way to silent our mind and listen to our inner guide. Personal, authentic Guide and who is in our best service always.

These practices are great to support us to get in touch with ourselves. As well, I have used a word support. As nothing, and I repeat, nothing, that is out there: not greatest religions, not most important spiritual practices, not the most evolved scientific discoveries, and nothing at all can ever match our excellence, as an individual.

Humanity and nature are the most brilliant perfection in existence.

What is stopping us to honor ourselves?

1. Power/energy leakage.

Whenever there is a sense of unease within, it’s an indicator that we are leaking the energy, giving power away to a negative thought that puts person into a victim state of being. And we know, that "what I think, I become." The experiences of victim consciousness will keep manifesting and energy leakage together with that.

In the order to stop leakage, we have got to pause and observe what thought that we are saying to ourselves create this feeling of unease. That will be lead to the actual cause and source of power leakage.

The affirmation can be derived to change a negative thought into positive.

So where the victim thought is: “I am so sad, there is so much uncertainty around in the world.” Self-Empowering Affirmation to respond: I trust that World has all that it takes to turn all that seems uncertain in the best possible outcome for all and myself including. I know I can face and resolve successfully whatever possible challenges may come forward. I trust my leadership in life. I know uncertainty will bring necessary changes. I believe humanity will overcome any strains and difficulties. Etc.

A profound power shift happens whenever we move away from victimhood consciousness to one who is in charge.

2. It’s not you for the cause. The cause is for you.

You serve others, the World, God by being the best you can ever be. By being 100% authentic, by being fulfilled, realised, self-actualised, by being Love that you are. By being as happy, as joyful, as blissful as you could possibly be.

Your thriving for being Greatest yourself is what contributes most to this planet and people.

Your stand entirely in your power and claim the life you were born to live is the most important stance for your life and others too. So thrive!!!

So you are not there to your Employer. Your employer is there for you. Your company, a vocation, business, yoga or spiritual practices are the means for you to bring your best oneself yet to the surface! That is what lies in the essence of the true human evolution. Science, Technology, Sport, Education, Spiritual Practices, Arts, Culture, even a Charity are at your service. Not another way around.

3. Everyone is equal.

We all facets of one Big Soul of Universe.

We are All One collective Mind. The beauty of our perceived differences in culture, language, gender, sex orientation, age, race, spiritual practices, etc. is a result of our free will as creators. We are facets of one perfect Diamond, all capable of shining under the specific angle in the light. The unusual characteristics of the Diamond are that if you put the light on particular facet whole stone will shine.

The perceived differences create a sense of separation. The thing is that the only way one can shine truly if he/she realises that he is part of the big Whole.

4. It's safe to be you. Everyone is perfect in their imperfections.

No need to be anyone else but you. The whole task here is to understand who it is You are. Being authentic is the safest thing you can do, and it may not feel like this.

It is so much harder and takes so much effort not to be you. Step in into your authenticity through listening to your inner guide, your true Self. Whenever you ask, listen. It may come as a voice, thought, an idea, an image, memory, you may look around and observe the answer trigger in your environment. The answer can come in the form of conversation with a random or not person, radio transition, a piece of song that you suddenly overhear, or a book. You will know that this is the answer from the sense of immediate relief and clarity in regards to this question.

You are a perfect child of God and only you alone, who is to go out there and ultimately claim this stand. The glory of God is within you.

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