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About dreams..

Dreams are what gives us the energy to thrive. They are one of the amongst most powerful humanity motivators. The dreaming happens first and creation second. The creation of the world occurred by “God's dreaming”. As per Bible saying God dreamt and what he imagined he liked, and so he kept dreaming. And the world has unfolded into the world we have now. Well, almost.

It’s when we dream our heart starts singing, and our lives are being filled up with hope. The vision of a dream is carrying us for a moment of time into a different reality, a place where we feel good. Very good. And this is what makes dreams – a "Dreams.." not "wants", neither "needs", nor "wishes". The dream is a state of comprising one's possible future, that is shaped by environmental and other factors as emotionally fulfilling to a person.

This is the sense of fullness, joy, heartfelt sparkle, a moment when eyes rounding up with a hope and twinkle. The dream is the heart sharing its longing; it's a moment of uncovering of soul's deepest desires.

A dream will show you an image, or sing a song or whisper a story. Whatever it will be, it shall feel known and recognizable. I may be strange to the mind, it may sound crazy to others, but mostly a dream will be very pleasant, joyful revealing and hope-driven sensation.

Dreams deliver to the world gold medal triumphs, the greatest love stories, and inspirational art. The dreaming souls are creative souls. Their life path becomes a river that flows, takes the dreamer all the way to it's realization.

Dreams must be protected. From who you may ask. From ourselves mainly. Dreams must stay in hearts, not in the minds. The mind will quickly polish the dream and cut it’s wings. It will do the necessary check - ins and check - outs. And in the best case, the mind will allow the dream to remain in the compromised version. Mind lives in the realistic world. Where the dreams live in the future, they like birds are free and must remain this way. A dream has an ability to pull person towards it .. it never happens other way around.

Dream needs to be nourished. It’s so essential to keep reconnecting to it whenever possible. Creating some reminder of the dream is common. As well the details have to be vague. It’s a feeling that matters most.

For a dream to be realised one must be open to the flow of life. As steps towards dream are walked or run or jumped… However, the road opens up only to those who are brave enough to breathe. In my work with clients, we often have to step far back in order to get a full picture of their life. And, most importantly to readjust their attitude to dreams. Lack of dreams or mixing up dreams with life goals are main reasons why there are so many "failures" in life. The dream is pulling a person into achievement naturally. As it is something that is entirely true to them. Therefore it is effortless. The challenging part comes with allowing yourself to make the steps towards it. The effort has to be made to change the stagnated psychological patterns because the actions at a times have to happen in a not usual and comforting way. My works with client is supporting the recognition of new life pathways that are available, but were always ignored by client. In coaching practice, we use dreams as a fuel and a motivator for a person to make those necessary steps towards happiness. We seek a balance between will power, effort and effortlessness. It's about training the muscle of self love and self awareness. Being connected to once truth and thriving towards being your best yet. Please keep dreaming! And book your dream clinique session with me today! God bless x

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