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  • Tania Zayets

I am a Human

Today I make a pact. From this moment on I choose to express my human quality fully. To be the best human being I can be. To step in into my full capacity as a human being.

I refuse to take on the victim place and I will not allow myself to be victimised by no one and anything in this existence. That includes: the amount of possessions I have or I don't have, or I wish or don't wish to have.. and any other material and not material assets. I refuse to become the weapon of hurting. If I am hurt, I will not hurt back physically or worldly or by my actions. I will not raise my hand, my voice, against any being in the act of revenge, hurtfulness, angriness. I am, at the same time, will not, by word of mouth or my action, spread the poisonous and toxic elements. I am responsible for my toxicity that I have taken on, and I choose to transmute this poison within my space with love, patience and temperance. I feel no judgment towards the emotions I experience I allow them to be. I, at the same time, choose to transform, transmute, release the energy, beleifs, patterns, habits that don't serve my highest purpose as a human being. I am human. I am human. I am human. Therefore I exist. I am timeless. I will not victimise myself by time limitations, my mental ability or my appearance. I am human. Therefore, I will not victimise myself by unseen forces, things I cannot comprehend or expressions of high or greater strength or power than myself. I am human therefore I am sensible, therefore I am vulnerable too. I am human, and I love and respect all Nature creations, and I choose to live in harmony with existence. I am human.

#humanity #human #victim #prosecutor

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