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  • Author Tania Zayets

An inner guidance

It’s common to talk about the inner guidance or other types of guidances within the spiritual communities. “Follow your heart”, “Listen to your soul wisdom”, “Connect to your guides”, … there are so many ways to connect to the only one that matters most - yourself.

But what does it mean? Many question "how do I know it is a heart talking, not some crazy voice in my head? Who am i really connecting to?"

I will explain how it felt for me when I connected to my Inner Guidance for the first time. It felt as safe as warm as the presence of the most loving parent. It is a very natural and almost like going home reunion. The connection is such that there is no doubt anymore, no need to trust either, as talking about trust here is the same as saying "I trust I have cloth on my body" when you are not naked anyways:). Trust is just simply there without thinking about it. It’s effortless, and it just is. For me, the inner guidance feels the same as having a second layer of cloth that is warm, cosy, protective, gentle, loving and, yet, playful. It’s like having a great buddy who you can completely rely on; who will understand, will not judge if you missed out on the direction, and who will never let you down. You just know it. The connection with your inner guidance makes you momentarily strong and it feels complete. For me, once the connection was made on a new level I was able to go back in my life and make realignments of many major life situations, some of them were painful and unresolved. I have seen actually that my hurtful "Punishers" weren’t as bad as I thought they were. It was great to finally make peace.

So the "guidance" never should feel doubtful, sound like pushing you into the scary discomfort, imposing anything or demanding. Not all the guidance that you may receive is of your best interest. It's important to check-in with yourself, to discern: How does this guidance serve me? Don't do what you don't like and never do anything that may feel like a betrayal to your values and positive beliefs. The sense of tightness or emotional discomfort in your body is the message that there is some mental lie has overtaken control. Do only what feels right to you. Don't compromise yourself in no circumstance. In the end of the day, We are the once who torment ourselves and we are the one who reward ourselves too. Stay truthful to you first of all by being honest with the feelings. Say "No", to what is not serving you. And say "Yes" to you. In the end of the day, it's YOU that matters most.

Without you, there is nothing left. So take care of you first. Always.


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