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Lasting relationships cure: Dream more together.

What breaks couples apart is not a lack of common interests, not lack of understanding, not lack of sparkle and not the usually thought a lack of intimacy....

While the list of mentioned reasons is valid for stripping the relationship of its greatness, making it poorer, yet it's not sufficient to break the Union in most cases.

It is a shortage of shared dreams makes relationships the most vulnerable.

Whenever lovers are sharing dreams together, they become co-creators in that sense.

Dreaming about what they are to deliver TOGETHER to the world fills their relationships with entirely new qualities, a sense of purpose and strength.

The main significant difference between just lovers and a partners (married or not) is that latter will have shared goals for life. And Goals/Visions/Dreams/Ideas about Future are those unique elements that create Synergy.

The Law of Synergy expresses like this: Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.

One + One = Three

The result of partnership can be much greater than THREE. It will depend on how determined Creators partners are.

The fulfilling relationship are those that deliver a harvest of fruits that otherwise wouldn't have grown. These are emotional (love, joy, happiness, intimacy), experiential (learning, growth, development), tangible (family, home, business, career, travel etc). Sadly, lots of couples live in other scenarios:

One + One = Two. When the sparkle of passion is not there any longer. While common projects may still be in place couple don't dream together any more. Here we use Relationship Alignment to work with one or both partners by making inquiry into the subconscious to uncover the emotional blockage. During session we will tap in into the core issue and will release limiting beliefs that one or both of partners "bought into".. We will tune up their creators mastery.

One + One = One. When one of the partners is not experiencing himself/herself as an equal to the other, in other words, when one partner plays a victim role. These are the couples, where the Victim Triangle dynamic within a family playing off. In this case the #LifeAlignment sessions will be used to empower and nurture the unbalanced sides. During the #relationshipalignment sessions I work with both partners (seeing them in separate sessions) to uncover and remove the blockages in form of emotional baggage from the past, limiting self-daunting beliefs, the premonitions of traumatic experiences, fears that holding them back from becoming a true Union of Love and Co-creation. I support couples in regaining sense of purpose from their partnership and with that executing the opportunity to strengthen and revive the relationship. For it to be every day like a day you fell in Love. Please enquire.

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