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Let’s talk about FAITH.

For most of us, the word "faith" associated with spiritual practices, religion, God, ritual, routine, ceremony, etc. The definition given in dictionary defines FAITH as:

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1. Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

2. Strong belief in the doctrines of religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof.

In other words in seems that word faith is a stronger connotation of already powerful words – trust and belief. And I discovered through my therapy practice that many people confuse the meanings attached to each of those 3 words, writing them off as the same. They are not.

So what does word FAITH really mean for us people? Why it's important to "have a faith" and how it's different from "trust" and "believe".

One of the important associations from my perspective, that I wish to share with you is that word Faith very closely connected to an application of word Presence.

We know PRESENCE is about being here and now at this moment with absolute conviction expressed in the phrase: I AM. The expression "I am" is about "all" and "nothing" at the same time. "I am" is about Being and the state of acknowledgement of this unique connection that we have with each other and all that is.

The state I AM has no clear identity as such. It’s not a rainbow yet. It’s asleep.

Identity comes to the surface when you ask yourself a question:

What do you want? Who are you? What do you wish for? What is your desire?

Asking this question yourself while being in a state of a complete relaxation (or deep meditation and many other ways, like a walk in a nature, self inquiry etc.), will allow your body and especially your heart sweetly ache in respond.

I want… I want … mm… I want … in a short moment or two, you shall see clearly WHAT it is that your heart desires so much.

And the truth is that passion for realising this desire will be so sincere and so delicious at the same time that no obstacle in the world may stop you from actualizing it.

Once you have experienced this desire in your heart, you can’t let go anymore. It has fuel of sky rocket and power of bulldozer to move you where you need to.

The passion connected to your DREAM goal is that ultimate fuel that will REALISE IT.

Now we move to even more exciting part, and it’s an expression“I HAVE”. It is in the movement between I WANT, and I HAVE faith enters.

Faith is the component that allows the pure flow of creation, all the actions that fall into place between I WANT (Goal), and I HAVE (Result). Faith provides focus, resilience, perseverance and tremendous power.

For me the tangible expression of the word FAITH in connection to Presence and Focus is pictured in Egyptian Monument of Sphynx. The Great Sphinx is one of the world's largest and oldest statues and basic facts about it are still subject to debate, such as when it was built, by whom and for what purpose.

He looks in one direction with tremendous focus, expression of power and non-shake, while presenting himself graciously with Royal presence.

Great Sphinx Egypt

FAITH is about absolute knowing that “I AM” therefore “I WANT” therefore “I HAVE”. In other words, Faith comes as whatever “I want” equals to what “I know”. It shall happen. It's a Highest Authority request.

To who this command addressed, you may ask?

How is the wish going to materialise in the end? It sounds too much of a fairy land. I agree.

The trick is that command “I WANT” is requested towards your Ultimate Infinite Potential as a Human Being. With the expression of your heartfelt deepest desires and exercising the Faith, by living everyday life with an absolute knowing and conviction that your dreams WILL ACTUALISE - an incredible growth opportunity comes up for us as individuals.

Whenever we act upon our goals, in whatever motion: direct – pursuing dreams or indirect by, maybe, exploring what would that mean to work on this dream, opens up a plethora of great expansive experiences. Setting a goal and working towards achieving it will allow seeing yourself and learning about yourself from a new light.

Following your dreams with Faith and Focus requires practising a great deal of Self Belief and Trust. We will explore those two in later blogs.

Following your dreams will press all your buttons and show up all the weak links that you have in the form of character traits or physical limitations. So you got to be courageous!

Following your dreams can make you a winner and a looser over a moment in time. So you can really Face yourself. Exciting ha?!

But most important that the following your dreams will award you the biggest Gift of ALL! … the one and only that you could have wished for - Becoming 100% YOU! If you don't have you, what do you have?!

Following your passion, will help you reach your FULL potential as a Human Being! Hold a Faith as you dearest friend and start the most incredible journey of your life yet. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! I am here for you to give support, magic kicks and/or a nurturing hug. I use these tools along with my arsenal of Coaching and Life Alignment tools together with my kicker experience to facilitate the best journey EVER. Let’s discover yours today with Dream Clinic... Inquire today for fuss free check if that is right for you.

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