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  • Tania Zayets


Imagine, if your life the way you live it, was a song… One song, that defines your whole life. All your being expressed through the mean of this song. Once you stop singing, LIFE is complete.​

What this song is about? Is this Song of joy and celebration? Or the Song is about pain and hurts? Is that a song about pride and victory? Or, maybe, a song of mourning and sadness? Wherever you are in life at the moment, just stop for a sec and see what song you are expressing to the world right now this moment. And to take it one step further see what songs are you listening too? Are the once you are listening are the same character as you are singing? Are they complementing each other? Benefiting each other? Or contradicting? Or you are not interested to listen at all? Maybe you wonder why there is no one around you and you see not much interest is being taken in you and your life. If you feel almost invisible at times, check in with yourself and see what song your heart is singing.

Often we are so preoccupied with our story; the tune has been there for so long that no one wants to listen to it any longer. So decide today…What song are you singing? How do you sing this song? Where you and what is your surrounding that appreciating this song the most? Who is your audience? What is the song about? And start over! Sing your song out! The world needs more heartfelt songs, more dance, more love expression, more innocence!

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