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A bit about goals.

Goal setting is a powerful and essential process for our lifes. It’s important to periodically look at priorities and ensure you’re doing the things that matter to you. It’s equally important to re-evaluate regularly goals to ensure they’re still appropriate and let go if necessary. ​

​ What are the powerful goals? How to set them up: 1. Be specific about your Goal.

Be clear and presize, not leaving room for doubt. Do self check in.

2. Make a decision about when and where you shall act on your goal. Blocking your time in your calendar to do things you need to as shown by research is increasing chances of doing it by 300%. 3. Shift your mindset. You don’t need to become different person to be more successful one. Stick with ”Get better” mindset instead of “Get perfect” mind set. Your success defined not by what you are, but what you do. Setting goal too high makes is more likely to become a failure. One step at a time towards better you brings 50% more effectiveness to overall result. 4. Focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want. Trying to avoid negative behaviors, thought patterns or habits only reinforces them. If i ask you not to think about ice cream, your first thought will be exactly that - an ice cream. Research has shown that those goals that were made up of enjoyable action steps were tackled more persistently, than those that were considered just important. Basically if doing activity that gets you to your goal is as well an interesting one, than chances of you persisting with the goal skyrocketing high. To conclude, while we define that some of the goals are important for us, we need to be able to balance them with element of joy. If that is a career advancement you are looking for, choose company that has the right atmosphere to work in. If that a mundane tasks, unavoidable to trespass you must deliver, try to add elements of joy by listening to your favorite music, making small rewards for every little milestone and keep accountability for every little success you achieved on a way towards largest result. 5. And be brave to let go some of the goals if you may find them inappropriate for your life path any longer.


"Do it or Ditch it" Bev James


Source: What Separates Goals We Achieve from Goals We Don’t BY Kaitlin Woolley, Ayelet Fishbach

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