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Commit to being The Best you can possibly be.

Studies in humans have made clear that people with stronger social networks have greater longevity. In order to build a strong social network, you need to be capable of making commitments. You can look at how you commit by examining three main areas of your life:

1. Relationships - who you spend time with (yourself, partner, friends, family, social environment) 2. Place - where you spend your time (your body, home, house, country etc) 3. Activity - what you do with your time (hobby, job, career, routine, goals etc)

Some of us manage well in one or two areas. Some struggle in all. There are some of us carry commitments that long overdue or obsolete and need to be released.

The Definition of commitment: - the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc. The important angle to understand that commitment is about HOW we do things rather than WHAT is it about. Potential reasons that cause fear of commitment:

  • Parents' divorce or marital problems

  • Fear of ending up in an unsatisfying relationship

  • Media portrayal of the misery of committed relationships

  • Damaging previous relationships that included infidelity, abuse, or abandonment

  • Attachment issues

  • Difficulty trusting others

Commitment issues often have an adverse impact on person’s ability to succeed. As a young person, they may have it difficult to commit to long-term projects, at workplace to potential career opportunities. Often inability to have a successful relationship leads to feelings of worthlessness or depression.

Please Join me on 18th of June from 10 am to 4 pm for a day full or exploration, self learning and lasting change. Workshop: ”Commitment”

We will explore potential childhood, societal, cultural scripts that may cause issues with commitment, that impact your ability to have what you really aspire to have. This Workshop is Right for you if you:

  • Not being able to form long term relationships due to either yourself or your partner not willing to commit

  • Not being able to succeed at work or business due to fear of taking and committing to potential opportunities

  • Keep moving homes, countries, places seeming unintentional, as well feeling frustrated about it

  • Having a Fear of having long term relationships

  • Wishing to participate in some amazing transformation and take yourself to new levels of self-awareness and personal growth.

  • Just don't know how to make it happen etc.

Fee: £30 (Paypal or cash)

What will you get from Workshop?

- Raise awareness about level of commitment you have in different areas of your life; - See how you “create” what you have and make new choices; - Identify personal “life scripts” that make you a committer that you are; - Take opportunity to release and heal during deep group work.

Place: 7 min walk from Wimbledon Mainline Station The address will be sent to you once you have confirmed participation. Lunch not included. Refreshments will be provided If you still wonder: Why don't I own that car? Or.. Why am I not lucky in love? Or.. Why I attract emotionally unavailable partners? Or Why I can't realize me potential... Time to make some commitments. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Contact me to reserve your space.

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