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  • Tania Zayets

Dance with me!

If we imagine every human as a bubble of Individual Universe, we all will look like bubble dancers. Some are doing tango, some doing waltz, some doing contemporary genre and there is no right or wrong only a dance. Some of them finishing, some are starting… some were going for a long - long time.

Dance with me

Somehow we all know instinctively what music we wish to dance on at any time. And accordingly, the partner who enjoys same music and moves arrives and fast forward we are already dancing along… A medley under the moon light or a sonnet accompanied by the grass hopper whispering.

Life is a wonder; Life is a move, and a never ending story teller. Life is a bliss of joy and love if we choose so to see it this way. Life may be a long painful battlefield too. And no matter what is an environment ever tells us, how lovely or not it all looks outside... As those dancing tunes are all ever played in one place only that is our own hearts. We all lovers and we all are haters, we all that is… And we can choose today our own dancing tune. What is yours?

Dance with me

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