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7 days Meditation Challenge

What is The Next Step? This is the question that maybe many of you are facing at this moment. At times of lack of clarity, sense of stuckness, lack of understanding about your path.. the only way forward is to go deep within. GOING IN. I am introducing a 7 days meditation challenge. Starting 7 am each morning, I will connect Zoom conference put a laptop in front of my face, and after the few minutes OF meditation introduction, I will sit (meaning meditate) for 30 min. And I only hope that some of you will join me in this challenge.

7 AM, join Zoom and we have online meditation group. It will not end there. We will have our closed Facebook group where we will share our insights, challenges, worries, breakthroughs, aspirations, wishes.. we share what needs to be shared. I will introduce few meditations techniques during 7 days. NONE OF THEM WILL BE GUIDED MEDITATION. But Meditation methods that allow you to look at yourself with all honesty.

When: Monday 10th July - Sunday 16th July. 7 AM GMT. Meditation 7 days challenge schedule: Day 1. Waking up! Mindfulness Meditation of The Body and Breath. Start to be aware of own autopilot and be open minded to reorient your life. Day 2. Connect to Body! Mindfulness Meditation Body Scan Reintegrate you mind and body into a seamless whole. Day 3. Building up and Refining! Mindfulness Meditation Breath and Body Enhancing awareness, allowing natural flow Day 4. Listening! Mindfulness Sounds and Thoughts Meditation ”Your thoughts are your servants, not Masters.” Day 5. Working with acceptance. Meditation “Exploring what is” Dealing with unsettling situation mindful way Day 6. Divorce the past and stay in the present. Meditation “Self-Nurturing” Be your own best friend. Day 7. Time to Dance Meditation Free Style Today we meditation as we feel is right for us. Mixing styles, add our own, or stick with your favourite. Day 8. Meditation “The rest of your life.” Zoom link Facebook Page *The Meditation Techniques used from book Mindfulness a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world by Mark Williams and Danny Penman.

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