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  • Tania Zayets

Life Alignment for Authentic Living.

"A life of spiritual triumph is not one in which we never fall into a deep, dark valley; it is one in which, if and when we fall, we've learned how to get ourselves out of it. We need emotional muscles in the order to rise up emotionally, just as we need physical muscles in the order to rise up physically. And developing those muscles takes work. It is the work of enlightenment, the inner work of the soul." - MARIANNE WILLIAMSON "TEARS TO TRIUMPH"

Group Therapy

This quote very beautifully sums up what we are doing during Life Alignment sessions. We are building up those emotional muscles while going to the spaces in the human psyche, where one avoided to go before. Layer by layer we are releasing bits of illusion self beliefs and stories about ourselves and the world that make our life miserable. So the Depressive states are lifted. In the order to make full change in our circumstance first we got to create a space for this new creation we wish to give life to. Whether it's a change in the relationships dynamics, career status, wealth level etc it all begins with clearing the space for the new beginning. We can't hold on to past while building the new. Life Alignment offers a powerful tool to release the old, limiting behavioral patterns from our psyche so we can open up to a fresh wave of opportunities, so we can see the world through new prism and eyes, so we can truly can become our authentic selves. How is it achieved? We work only on the level that is ready to be cleared. During the Life Alignment Session person will go into very deep relaxed state. On this level mental chatter ideally will shut up. And person may be able to see with clearly how they are the ones who are responsible for creating the situation that they are not happy about. With this new understanding they can make new choices for their life and create new level of awareness and wisdom about certain behaviors. It's about taking full charge of your life. It's about making a lasting change. It's about claiming back your power. It's about triumph over one weaknesses. Session take up to 90 minutes. The result is more clarity, synchronicity, flow, power and joy!

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