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  • Tania Zayets

Don’t chew that green blackberry.

On the way home today after I dropped off my daughter to school I saw this blackberry bush full in its generosity of the fruits that was ready to ripen. One of the blackberries stood out from the crowd, as it was darker in colour and seemed to be ready. So I thought. As I approached and pulled my hand towards it, I realised it may not that ripen yet. A quick decision moment flashed through me "should I still go for sourish taste or not?" And I pulled back just to notice in the next moment the full and ripe blackberry hanging happily just next to it. I pulled it off the bush and cleaned the possible dust and set it into my mouth. YES!


That is the one. It was delicious and perfectly ripened.

And I thought what if I ate that greenish one first would I even enjoy the taste of this one as much? As well I was grateful, as thanks to the green one and me letting go of it, I discovered the ripened one. The same happens in life over and over again.

Sometimes we wait for the harvest of our actions for seemingly so long that impatience kicks in and we may step in too early and thus not being able to get the full nurturing from the energy we invested. Don’t take me wrong we still get the nutrition; we still get what is needed for us to get us going. We feel as we have missed something while consuming this long awaited and so much desired fruit of our work. Just the same way as we are not entirely happy when we eat a green fruit.

If we do it all alone, again and again, rushing, pushing, agonising the patience, in the end, we end up feeling seemingly full in our “tummy” but starved in different ways.

And what does it mean practically? It’s a situation when we do lots of things for the sake of ticking the box. The adverts, scientific researches, peer groups are "screaming" at you from all spaces and than you start reflect it back to yourself – “Coconut Water is Good for me”, “Gym Exercise is good for me”, “Swimming is good for me”, “Having Fun is good for me”, “This Beef steak is organic and was grown… I must have it”, “This movie is good for ME”, “O have you seen those shoes – I MUST have them”

It’s like a kid in kinder garden is pulling his hands to everything that shines.


And we keep buying, keep consuming, keep digesting things that may have great value to us. Yet. We constantly feel under nurtured and at the moment we finished consuming one thing we are looking for another.

We fail to give ourselves chance to access truly nurturing self giving as opposite to consumption.

It happens with most things: - How we listen and digest news - How we swimming across Social Media - How we Randomly Shop - How we consume food without any contemplation

All is one long RUSH.

And we say to ourselves “Why not have it?! Let me consume it since I am already here and it’s HERE.”

We say “Yes” to things while being on autopilot. Instead of saying yes to consumption, choose to say Yes to yourself. Put yourself first and ask: How does my body feel? Do I need to have another pair of shoes? Do I need to push my body for another marathon to run? What am I trying to prove? Do I really want this promotion? Do I need another slice of this Cake? What hungry monster that is inside of me I keep feeding? Insecurity? Fear? Hunger?

And we are always hungry. Cause we are so deeply under nurtured in a Real Way.

If we just pause enough in life to notice what is happening outside ourselves and our immediate agenda. If we just really connect to the One who truly knows about all your the most sacred and desired needs. One who knows the root to happy you. One who needs this the most.


Meditation View

And listen long enough to hear the quiet answer within. The Real You would only consume things that matter to You, those things that bring a sense of alignment with our purpose and destiny in the world and Ultimate Self Nurturing. If this to happen, One will not look anymore outside themselves for this Nurturing. We will start consuming in a Quality way. Instead of rushing to get one million experiences and putting our body into the strain and fatigue and sense of constant draining – we choose to have only few of those. Only truly meaningful and nurturing once. And while having them we reslish every single moment of it. Will this career promotion give me a chance to do something good in the world and to my family? Will what I do right now fulfil my destiny and provide an impact I am looking for? Will the focus on consuming all the healthy food honour me, for who I am? Will my ability to recall all the news that have broadcasted today bring me closer to my community and my home? etc.

If we pause for long enough, we may get inspired and suddenly see that there was all this time the ripen, full of energy and nutrients blackberry waiting to be consumed just next to the green one.

If we pause long enough we may notice that our neighbour’s garden is in a sad state and you may find a moment to have a chat to them… see if you can help them.

If we pause long enough, we may discover that our children (partners and lovers, parents and friends) all this time were waiting for this pause. So they can finally have that fun moment they were longing for to have with you.

If we pause long enough, we may suddenly see a bigger picture of our life and know what we need exactly to make us happy.

Please pause today.

Release need to be anyone else but you.

See you own story, live your own life, appreciate it, consume and savor it… as the most delicious meal, you could ever have… Slowly... Same way as you are making love... Slow. Treat your life as making love to your the most admirable lover. You know what I mean ;-) x

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