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Manifestation of New Abundance. Workshop. Register you interest.

Abundant Life Begins with You. Build the Bridge from Poverty to Abundance Consciousness. In 21st century thanks to the scientific, technological advances we started to live longer, have fewer diseases, have better welfare, and many more opportunities to create abundant and joyful living than ever before. However, the gap between wealthy and poor extends and something is holding human back to tap in fully into the resources that are available to us.

Let’s explore together what it means to entail that abundant living in our life and time. What does it mean to you personally? Where you are at the moment and where you ideally would like to be? Are you flowing or floating? What does it mean to live life from abundant state? How you maybe letting yourself down into constant swirl of all kind insecurities? It’s well known that attitude to money is thought and shaped by our immediate environment. Mainly based on relationship our parents had with money, wealth and other aspects of abundant living.

Our genes carry information about many ancestral patterns and attitudes towards money, as well as experiences of wars, deadly diseases, despair, lack of support and help. This information is passed to new generations and though we have no immediate threats into our faces we still to go easily into the fear and survival mode and our mind literally recreates stories of possible outcomes just based on the memories that are not even our life experiences. Place: Wimbledon, London (Exact location will be sent to participants) Register your interest to be invited for free Webinar and the discount for the Workshop, before the release of the date. Drop an email to

What we will do: This is the opportunity to share in the intimate environment the challenges that you are facing in regards to abundance consciousness.

  • We will focus on raising level of awareness around the behavioural patterns, beliefs, trauma, and toxicity around your personal issues with abundance consciousness.

  • We will work out limiting patterns on cultural, country, family and ancestral levels as well as current environment.

  • We will work on raising personal self-worth and self esteem that is directly connected to your ability to acquire wealth.

  • We will explore your ability to receive.

  • Are you open to receive from others?

  • Is it easy for you to ask for things that you need?

  • And lastly are you clear about what you desire?

How we will do it:

I will use powerful and profound tools together with Life Alignment.

"Life Alignment offers the possibility to release the programs, traumas and belief systems we hold onto through our lives - but which can prevent us living a life of joy and flow. As we do, we are no longer governed by external circumstances but become the Master of our own lives with a synchronistic, co-creative relationship with our true essence." Dr. J. Lewin More about Life Alignment. If you are interested in one to one work book Manifest New Abundance individual session here.

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