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Stop Moaning. Be Your Own Superhero.

We are born into the world where we have a template of “Big Brother takes care of you”. Whether in the form of another secret Super Hero from latest blockbuster rescuing the World, the different types of Saviours from The World Religions that releases us from darkness, or Powerful State Figures that we put our hopes onto for a better life. By doing this, we find ourselves in a state of Forever Waiting for Something to Change, Improve, Actualise, Manifest. We live in hunger and confusion that something is still missing. What is it?

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I hear from my clients. "Today I woke up to another Same Day”. The same alarm, the same time, the same breakfast, exercise, etc. and commute to the same job. In the past, they may have invested in holidays, or travels or changed jobs few times as well as physical vitality routine to break this mould. But it seems that change doesn't last for long, and they are back to the same boredom again. Why while having so many options and opportunities to be joyful we feel more stagnant and less satisfied with our lives?

Whether it’s a boring job, same old routine, hopeless politics, a weather or fear button touching news we dive into boredom of life in approximately the same way. And the moaning is a large sub product of modern life. We moan cause we are not happy about things, that go same old ways, and nothing seem to change. There these small random sparkles like a party in the office, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, etc. celebration that raises our energy up. For it to go down slowly soon after.

Underneath of all of it is laying big desire for some immense change to come and resolve the monotonous life, to release us from the unfairness of presence whether it's a perceived difficult boss, a wrong partner, a disappointing government body, etc. If there was only some magic pill to fix it all.


Barack Obama won his presidential elections on a theme of “Change.” This word somehow has so much sweet connotation attached to it and associated with Hope. Whenever we are bored and unsatisfied with the way things are, seeing unfairness, being badly treated we start longing for a change. Change for many is seen as something that comes sudden and from nowhere and brings relief to the unfortunate situation. We have so many super hero movies with a great character whose mission comes to one thing – to rescue poor and innocent from unfairness that is happening to them. In real life, the role of superheroes is put on the shoulders of the leaders – Government, Presidents, Directors of the Company. If our elected superheros are not able to deliver on promises and expectations we feel deeply let down. Day after day .. our expectations for something better are not fulfilled, and we find ourselves at Merci of super heros no so fine attributes.

So we moan. (We may call it as well the discussion, exchange, sharing, etc. )

AND TO THE POINT.. One of the main reasons we long for a change is that the way our mundane life preset, ITS TEMPLATE, doesn’t allow us to utilise or tap into the tremendous internal recourses that we all have available to us. I remember many years back while studying the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs I was puzzled why “Need for The Self Actualisation” the need that is set on the highest of all in the hierarchy is associated with mainly Government Representatives, Presidents and CEOs of the companies. Self-actualisation need is defined as the realization or fulfilment of one's talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone. Wouldn’t each one of us wish to tap in into the personal resourcefulness on that level?! No, I don’t mean for all to become presidents of the countries, etc.. (as well why not?) but to live your life as you are the one who is in charge of your environment, your life. Not giving away the personal power that each one holds. Whenever we expose ourselves to new tasks, new environment, relationships we are put into the position of reconnection to own resourcefulness.

Most often than not, each one of us will have issues around self-esteem, self-confidence, fear of failure, fear of change, etc. that interfering with making a move.

Mostly, making change is about “See the fear and do it anyway.” Only this way we can tap in into the infinite potential that each one of us holds.

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How to break to mold? Stop this very moment wherever you are and look around yourself. Allow yourself to see things for the way they are exactly. Are you in bed reading your emails? Are you alone or with a partner? Do you have a lovely meal waiting for you or not? What home do you have? In what shape/state is your body? Who are your neighbours? And who are your friends? Do you have any friends? Do you have unresolved problem/conflict? What is the size of your bank account? What are your dreams/goals? How happy are you?

And, finally, who is responsible for the things that you have ownership of? The answer, however painful it may be, and you know it.

IT’S YOU. Whatever situation you are currently in, the largest chunk of it if not all of it is your own creation. You must own it. And there is noone else is accountable. Noone and nothing.

What I invite here for you to do is to become Your Own Superhero. Become a person who is saving his/hers own world. Be your own Best Role Model you can be one day. Take charge for the change you wish to see in your life and ultimately this will be transmuted to the world. You are the Boss of your life. Own it.

I wish for each one of us to come to the mirror and look at the reflection while welcoming the superpower that is there waiting to be unsealed. The wait is over the moment you decide to take a charge and become your own Super Hero one and only. Give yourself the gift that you have been waiting. The value of which cannot be expressed but only experienced by you alone. Claim your power.

If you find yourself in the state of constant waiting or seeing life as mundane and never changing, get in touch. I will support you in tapping in into the state of your superhuman resourcefulness. We will work through issues related to self-worth and self-confidence, as well as some others mental blocks that keep you away from who you are. We will identify how you are currently creating the situation you are in and support you to move to resourcefulness and ultimate Blossoming of Your Potential.

Book your coaching session today. Or contact to discuss options.

Shine the light

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