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  • Tania Zayets

Are you letting yourself down?

Disclaimer. My Main Philosophy in Life that evolved through the years of spiritual seeking and practising is that all that exists is already perfect. You just got to have eyes to see it. Empowered Human, are honouring their role as a superior biological being (thanks to the intellect) on this planet. Holding responsibility for the environment is not an action step or a decision to be made, but the only way of being that is available and it's implanted in human being psyche. Whenever we are not creators, we become detractors. Any disturbances that exist in society are the delusions, mental factors, individual and collective deceptions that are blocking our ability to recognise our beauty and perfection.

Happy baby with parents

Our potential is simply realised not through working hard and running race towards the ideal outcome, but by acknowledging own superiority as being a human. Below are my thoughts about what can help us to get there.

Throughout my close work with people on the topic of relationships, self-confidence, self-esteem, depression, failure, fears etc. I see that underlying factor of all problems is that people think "less" of themselves. From birth, there is a moment in time when a child starts to see their imperfection, while judged, blamed, undermined. Once we hear that there is something done better or someone is better than us, the sense of “I AM Less” is born. With it comes the feeling of judgment and shame. As a defence mechanism, Human will spare the energy to develop all kind of systems and mind games to cover up this self-fulfilled inadequacy.

In Russia, there is a top-rated tv series called “Battle of Magicians.” Number of magician, psyches, spiritual master, healers, mainly people with extraordinary ability to see/feel/hear beyond the Matter World are given a task to investigate some crime, to uncover the puzzle. They will get some small clues like items that belonged to the victim of a crime or little evidence that was discovered at a place of investigation.

All investigators with extraordinary abilities will have their way to figure out and resolve the puzzle. The interesting bit at the same time is that the methods and communications they execute to uncover mystery will be very different. One will be lead by “demonic force”, the other will be lead by “angels”, one will be lead by “Nature Spirits”, another will just have a “Cosmic Knowing” or just so called "Intuition Sense".

But all will come up with some ways to resolve this dilemma.

As in the old saying “All roads lead to Rome”, Here we see that The Truth is One. Only the paths towards it and the interpretations of its meaning differs from the ways each one of us experiencing it. There is no right or wrong. WE ARE COLLECTIVELY IS THE RAINBOW. No colour is better or worse than other. All are valid. You got to see what is your colour. Or in other words by self-awareness and self-knowing of your inner essence and release of all the borrowed agenda that doesn’t fit your view of the world you can shine your colour beautifully to the world. Wold needs you exactly as you are today.

Phrases "I want better than this", "I deserve better than this", "I can be better than this." have common word "Better".

The moment you say yourself those phrases you go into separation with who you are at present and the environment. You go into Shame and ultimate Self Rejection of WHAT IS and WHO YOU ARE. And that ultimately shuts you down and start the race towards the Ultimate "I want better Than This Situation". The Chase Begins.

There is one big problem with Race and Rejection of "What Is". You may wake up some morning and understand that you fucked up. That you have managed to let down the only person that you have had a real responsibility in your life. YOU. Look at yourself from the perspective of young child. Would you be proud of yourself of what as an adult you are doing to yourself and your life right now? Did you deliver towards your child expectations, dreams? Or you are on the train with “Fast Track” life path destination?

Leaving this young child inside you starving for attention, engagement, a simple joy of play and free time and love.

Boy with the Ball

As we know word BETTER has been considered as the underlying force of competition, that is on its own is driving force of progress, development and economic advance.

Which these days transmit as well into the society of disconnected, depressed, insecure, discontent people. Our Planet is in trouble, and our communities are dying. The pure joy is free and comes from establishing much deeper engagement with Life itself. Whether it’s a Nature, Friends, Beloved once.

What we really need is a deeper connection and allowing personal space and time for ourselves to reflect and push the restart button that achieved through accepting yourself your space just you are. Maybe you fucked it up and let yourself down. Give it back to yourself today. You are so worth it. So is our Planet. I help my clients to recognise their own power and essense. So they can walk their own authentic path for the good of ALL. Book your session here or contact to discuss if this work right for you

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