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  • Tania Zayets

How to say Yes or No?

There is a lot said and written about the importance of personal boundaries as a way to manage personal space and your energy effectively. One of this is an ability to say “No” and “Yes”.

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I realised that throughout my life, I never faced this as a big dilemma saying No or Yes. Being highly intuitive from a young age I wasn’t somehow even ending up facing those questions as I ultimately end up with things and people and situations that meant only Yes to me. Whenever I had reached the point that it’s a “No” I would refocus myself and question where did I get off my Flow with Life. And Naturally what had to go - would go and what had to arrive - entered my life naturally. Because If you are in Flow, the answer "Yes" or "No" are so very neutral... They have no resistance and pain factor attached.

What does it mean to be in Flow? It’s a Dance of Life. Evolution is based on constant and continuous energy flow. For energy to flow we got to dream, to hope and act upon our dreams to create the life want.. We create from space of inspiration. The more we are in tune with ourselves as a Creators the more Flow of Energy is produced. And this leads more income, more fulfillment, more satisfaction and more joy and happiness.

As opposite to it, the stagnant energy becomes very corrupted and oppressive. Emotionally it shows itself through all kind of negatively perceived emotions. Jealousy, Envy, Insecurity, Fears, Self-Doubt, Indecision, Resentment, Possessiveness, Sensed of Superiority, Victim, etc.

Whenever we find ourselves feeling any of those it’s an indication that we ARE NOT IN THE FLOW with life any longer.

Being in the flow, it’s the same as being on your Path or Serving your Purpose. It’s a sense of deep engagement with Life itself. It’s state of being a creator as an opposite to distracter.

Whenever you feel heavy inside, blocked, uncertain these are the first indications that you went off the path, or that you are not serving your Purpose. Human Purpose is fact is a big word with a straightforward meaning. Yes, it does entail having significant and an extraordinary superhuman mission. Mission to lead Authentic Life - To own it and commit to excel in it...

The only way to achieve it is TO BE IN FLOW.

So whenever we are facing questions, instead of looking for Yes/No, we may want to ask ourselves what answer to this situation will create a FLOW for me. Because if it creates a flow to you, it will be a flow for the whole situation.

So it doesn't matter if that is YES or a NO. It’s a Flow that matters. Often today’s No becomes tomorrow’s Yes.

As well Timing is critical. Nothing needs to be ever rushed.

So you may not need to break your head today looking for Yes or No alone. Look for questions that have positive flow prospective attached to them (no black or white): “What can I do that is in my control that will provide best possible flow to this situation?” "How the received recommendation (from a friend lets say) will create More Flow in my life?" "How doing this job serves me coming more to my Authenticity?" "How Saying "Yes" to this creates more sense of Joy? or arises any positive emotions?" How Saying "No" to this gives me sense of Clarity (or any positive emotion) I was looking for? Start every day with question "What can I do today that will give me the most joy?"

Joy of Flow is very infectious. And making it as a focus for life is a powerful intention.


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