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  • Tania Zayets

Coming into the Authenticity.

Lots said about the authenticity, importance of being original, being "one and only", being unique etc. There is a significant accentuation these days about honouring the human differences. It became so inflamed that being different becomes a whole odyssey or a life mission of some sort. Many put so much effort and spend so much energy "to stand out from the crowd", creating self-images that sadly only short lived and unsustainable. And neither authentic.

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The confusion lies here in that being yourself is not the same as being different and "being like nobody else". Being authentic is timeless. It requires a different type of effort altogether, and once you arrived there, it's your to own for good.

Unlike being different from the rest, being authentic is about becoming ONE with everyone else, or AS everyone else, by recognising your human qualities. Coming into authenticity is not about putting cute decorations on, but about undressing yourself completely. So you become exposed to the world with all that you have to offer. All that you are is available to be entirely seen. It's about coming in peace with your vulnerability, seeing your strength and weaknesses without judging them and living life from that space.

Authenticity knows no secrets, NEITHER it's illusive. Authentic is a very sober way of life, sensible and grounded, yet it's full of compassion towards life itself. When Authenticity arrives, SHAME dies. With it comes a great liberation, the freedom that everyone is so eager to find. The only true Freedom lies in an ability to stop lying to oneself, ending pretentiousness and running away from oneself, but being painfully honest with all that you are.

It takes courage. LOTS of it. Step by step coming into self-opening and self-exposure. Showing your good, bad and ugly to yourself first of all.. then letting it go, as it doesn't define who you are. Far from it. It's just temporary cloth that you borrowed. Shame, pain, anger, inadequacy, lack of confidence, lack of self-esteem, powerlessness, helplessness, self punishment.. these are only pieces of a wardrobe garments, worn more often than usually anticipated.

The simplest formula of coming into the Authenticity:

Authenticity = Self-Honesty + Acceptance + Vulnerability I AM ME

All we need to do is to surrender to reality, instead of fighting against it, neither abandoning it or ignoring it. It's about seeing things for the way they are without labelling unnecessary but acting proactively and doing what must. Coming into authenticity is about readiness to be exposed and seen in your strengths as well as your weaknesses. It's preparedness to be a winner as well a loser. None of these roles define who you are. You are just You.

"I am what I am." Instead of chasing for Authenticity, we need just to acknowledge and Own it.

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