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  • Tania Zayets

Game of Chase.

The tricky thing about money themselves that they, among few tangibles in our society, that increase in their value over time. Unlike human made assets, creations and human body itself, money are kind of immortal. Thanks to the compound interest invention of course.

Time is Time, Money are Money

Money mostly outlive their owners. Maybe that is the reason why we put so much importance into them?

Where is the missing point?

Time is Money! is a famous expression, that creates one looooong and never ending chase in our life.

What if we flipped around this equation with the one.


Life as an unlimited, infinite possibility.

The older you get, the more intensely you wish to live, to connect with Life, Fully and Sincerely. The more Life gives you back, that naturally comes back in all forms, inclusive of money too.

Instead of focusing on ”I want money” we collectively would equate to “I want to live”.

We all have free will. And we get in life exactly what we ask for. What if Game of Money Chase and Time Chase was flipped to the Game of Life Chase.

How would we be as a society today?

Maybe a society that was chasing Living Life in Full as an unlimited, infinite possibility? Share your Thoughts!

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