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Yoga, Sports, Arts and Healing. Use your daily routine to expand your human capacity!

With Yoga, I have a long well formed relationship now, as I begun first practising in 2011. Before that time, I was trying different yoga routines that didn’t click with me. It’s a Hot Yoga that I found to be a juicy one. Why? The 36 degrees Celsius optimal temperature of the Yoga Studio makes you sweat insanely even if you simply do nothing.

Athletic woman

Your body and you are properly pushed to the Edge of a threshold. And there, in this Edge, you start to uncover your natural coping mechanisms. What do you do when things are really bad? When your gut says, - hey in the next move, dear, you will be knocked down on the floor, or - you will get a heart attack soon … - etc Trust me, my creative nature and the voice in my head are real bad buddies, giving me all kind of scary conclusions about me being on edge. The hardship may become real thing if one chooses to listen to mind chatter.

What do we do when we are shoved to the edge. The Will Power is apparently a limited resource, as well as a Control mechanism. In this class, it becomes very apparent very soon that these resources are only there to give an initial kick. Making an effort to arrive to the class, making the decision to give your best before next set of exercise.. or, they come across as a mere cheerleader speech, - hey, dude, you really can do it, I believe in you.

If you try to ride out the class on the Willpower alone or Control – you will fall. Same in Life.. How long you can last on I Can Do it! Yes I can! - the reality its only enough to make an initial kick... than you have to bring a real resource.The Inner Capacity.

Being Fully Present Here and Now. Connecting in one powerful motion with yourself and your breathing. Recognising the body as a vehicle that flows in the movement while your mind becomes a Observer. Compassionate One usually is even better:) It does work.

With it comes Grace.

The Grace has a lot of unrecognised strength.

Grace is about being in a complete surrender and agreement with what and how much you can do today. Grace is about self-Honesty and self-Acceptance. It’s about Kindness and Compassion, yet immense Discipline. Grace during the class is your biggest admirer. Grace, is as well, about giving yourself a big smile when you made a mistake…

Yoga man


Yoga as a Healing Mechanism for Others.

While you can use Yoga to heal some bits of your mind created limitations you may like to take it to another level, using it to heal other people self projections.

Today during my Yoga class, the wonderful Yogi teacher has invited for the whole group to make an intention to devote a practice to some person.

After first usual thought of my daughter, the image of my mother has arrived strongly. So I have decided to devote this class for her healing. (I trust my intuition, so please do the same, whoever comes to your mind - be with it.)

While started powerfully, I noticed that my devotion had overpowered me to the degree that I felt as I need to overshine others in the class. I felt into a competition trap. Well, I dint’s last too long. The fake focus has no resourcefulness. Ego-based motivation has limited energy.

It burns the fuel very fast and suddenly after some moments of glorious shining; I felt weak in my body.

I recognised my mother pattern. She likes to shine and compete. As well, she soon runs down the steam and falls and hides. (Just as I did during the class, staying in my baby pose for 5 min).

I just allowed that… I allowed holding a space to weakness, feeling small, judgment, insecurity, lack of confidence. I let myself go into my mother behavioural pattern and stayed with it.

I surrendered to it.

I noticed how my body suddenly was painful in places where I never used to have pain. How I could stretch in some exercises only half of what was normally much more available. How I felt clumsy at some places and stronger in the others, And I allowed it to be… no judgment but lots of surprises and curiosity.

After the class, I felt much more love and compassion to my beautiful mother, a woman that is so special in my life. Life Giver and Nurturer. I have exclaimed at once, - I love you, my Mum! I pray to your essence to live long and happy years full of life and vitality. I LOVE YOU, MY MOTHER! And I surrender to you as a daughter. Thank You, for being You. So precious.

Healing relationships with your mother will help you to improve your relationships with own kids and your partners.

You can do easily the the healing too. Whether it’s Yoga or Running, or Jogging, or an Art practice – as long as it’s something you feel you relatively confident about already and you are enjoying doing it - use that!

If you are doing the painting, for example, make an intention that this painting is to heal this or that area of your life, relationship, or a person etc.

Than flow with it, be present and allow yourself to go out of the whole routine. You will be surprised… By doing this work, you are releasing yourself from certain limiting projections, unresolved issues, and unspeakable challenges within yourself. Be present with whatever arises... You will love it. Not to mention you may create some spectacular piece of art or find a new strength within yourself you have never known about!

Rose painting

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