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About taking risks and acting on opportunities.

From client's meeting.

A client comes with issues that she finds it really hard to take new opportunities and risks. She constantly feels lots of doubt and hesitates to the point that opportunity is missed or left unexploited.

As I started coaching her on this issue, her mother comes to her mind, as she realises that her mother has a similar pattern of behaviour.

As we invite her mother image into clients perspective, she started to feel very uncomfortable and felt lots of pressure around her throat area and head.

I invited her to observe and describe the sensations.

She noted that it feels as if she was wearing baby hat wrapped around her head and the only thing she was missing is a dummy in her mouth.

When it comes to taking risks and new opportunities, it naturally raises a sense of potential fear, uncertainty and discomfort. And she immediately assembles baby like state. Where she is completely blocked from seeing things in grown-up perspective.

Woman with Dummy

And she sees an image of her mum, who soothes her and protects her. Mother figure is highly respected and desired in the client’s space. As well her presence as a protector is so powerful that undermines clients chance to walk her own feet and experience world the way that she would like to.

I ask the client, What does she want to do about this baby hat and dummy (seeing only what is in front of her and will not speak).

She is willing to remove it but failed, as mother appeared in front of her with lots of fear and anxiety and overwhelmed sense of protection.

I prompted client how does she feel about remaining in this position. The pain and pressure on her head become really physically painful. She felt desperate, as her life seems so dull, and she never can get rid of sense that she is missing on something big in her life.

After some time, She finally asks her mother: Mum, I really want to go out there and enjoy the world. I CAN DO IT for myself now. Mum, I BELIEVE in me. This comes with a sense of conviction. She made a decision.

Immediately, she feels the positive sensation in her chest. The stagnant energy started to move. All the unpleasant sensation and her baby hat now gone and she is opened up to The World. She sees mum as an observer and one of her biggest fans. Mum is excited for her daughter to thrive and flourish.

The lesson is such that there are no right or wrong characters here. We built our relationships with other people based on our immediate needs. Depending on where your subconscious pulls you at any time the environment whether its mother, father or any other family member or society will respond in exactly same manner. To reflect and match on your needs.

Fear overpowered Client's desire to walk on her own, and naturally, she has received her mother sense of protection (as well it could be fathers, husbands etc.)

And it worked. As well being her 30th, she now decided to take the baby hat off. Whatever happens to us at any time it’s our environment respond to our needs.

If we look within ourselves, we can learn how we create exactly what we have in our experience.

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