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The Six Steps to Unstuck yourself.

I find people mainly feeling stuck because they don't honour their adult ability to make favourable decisions in life and act upon them. Many trapped in a child-like state as if they are still expecting for Santa to come and fix their issues. It doesn't work that way. One need to roll out sleeves and work hard for what they think they have to accomplish in life... Here are practical directions how to get there if you feel you are stuck. 1. Put yourself first. Yourself and all the things that matter to you. Your family, your health, your finance etc. Be brutally honest with yourself: What is essential for you to do right now? What your gut is screaming about that you should have been doing, but have been ignoring for ages? What you need to take care of today, but you keep avoiding to go there? What MATTERS to you? Choice: My needs, wishes, desires, dreams are important.

2. Compete with yourself.

Every day choose to compete with the best version of yourself. By asking yourself: What is the best outcome I can arrive at in this task? And push yourself one step more! Be your own the fiercest competitor! This way you finally start moving forward. Challenge yourself. Allow your vulnerability to shine through. Choice: Today I am reaching out for the best version of myself. Every challenge I face gives me an opportunity to connect stronger with my gifts and talents.

3. Don’t compromise.

Your ambitions are fuel for your growth, for a movement. Whenever you compromise your deepest wishes and desires, it’s if you were cutting your wings mercilessly. If you are at the moment at work that doesn’t inspire you, feels daunting and you feel stuck as you need to pay your bills, find a way to channel your dreams into an activity, which will keep them alive. As long as you feed your desires, you are moving towards realising them. Be consistent and coherent. Choice: Every day I am moving closer to living life I aspire.

4. Surround yourself with powerful allies.

Your environment matters. If you feel stuck right, this moment its maybe because you are trying very hard to do it all on your own. And there is not much support, and it feels as you are all alone in this. Look around you and find at least one or two people who provide a sense of acceptance about what you do. Invite them for a coffee. Start building powerful network system of people who are supporting you in different ways. One person may listen carefully to your defeats and will not judge. Another will give you a good tip on how to move on, and there will be one who will just get you and your challenges.

They may not need to be your friends, but people who will channel supportive energy in their ways. Choice: I am surrounding myself with powerful allies. I support myself.

5. Manage collective projections.

Be proactive with collective expectations that are part of your psyche from the moment you arrived into this World. You must efficiently manage cultural, family, societal ideas about how and who “you are supposed or expected to be”.

That is a tough one.

To overcome this element one must fully connect to their dream or objective.

Many fall into the trap of resistance here, being a rebel, trying to withstand the societal norms and expectations, trying to run away and end up completely isolating themselves feeling more inadequate than ever. It's a very tormenting state.

Resistance in a long run waves off. As what we resist – persists. And it's humanly possible to take just this much.

We need fully own our Choice (Dreams, Goals, Objectives) not to be affected by collective. If we still feel resistance from collective, that means within ourselves WE DOUBT ourselves and the FOCUS.

The best thing is to MAKE collective your BEST ally. Cooperate with it. Use its resources to build something spectacular of your own. Instead of fighting and resisting Collective conscious, SHAPE IT, by realising your dreams.

Be open to how cultural, societal and family believes can help you in your endeavours.

We are not able to receive help when there is a layer of own self-judgment, shame, guilt that comes from an inability to go into full partnership with the collective.

It's a sense of inadequacy that holds us back from a magnitude of opportunities and choices. Choice: I am open to giving and receiving.

6. Be your own The Best Friend.

Mature attitude to life is an ability to stand up for what you need, to take care of yourself, to recognise when enough is enough, acknowledge when you need to make a stop for self-care. Releasing self-victim and self-perpetrator from your system will take you there.

In other words it's a Sober approach to life, by seeing things in their true colours, using every opportunity to release ignorance and self-inflicting limitations will make you your own best friend. Isn't it great to know that you can completely rely on yourself? Choice: I am responsible for my livelihood, success, joy and happiness. I look after myself. Wishing you lots of luck and consistency practicing it!

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