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  • Tania Zayets

Path of the Champion. Being an authentic achiever. Workshop.

Dear Friends, Join me on 3rd of December for a Powerful, Truly life transformational Live Workshop in Wimbledon, London with focus to set you strongly onto the Path of Champion in your Life. What it is about?

Let me ask you a question: What would that mean to you to be a Champion of your Life? Imagine, nothing less, but a Golden Medal Olympian?!

Would that mean to achieve six, seven, etc. figures yearly income? Or run the London Marathon? Is it buying that Mansion of your dream? Or maybe it's about building a successful Business? Perhaps, having the most unique relationship? Or, it would mean to find the strength to start again from many failures? Or even to find a better ways to manage that debilitating illness and, finally, heal?

The truth is that no matter the type of champion goal that you carry in your heart, underneath of it, there is a deeply engraved a desire to become the Best Version of yourselves yet. This desire is a powerful drive and motivator. It has immense energy attached to it and makes impossible become possible. During one day workshop you will: - Reframe the Mind towards Personal Championships in Life – Surfing Masterfully the Waves of Life in exciting, fearless and playful manner - Reflect on the collective, cultural, family, personal behavioural patterns that may be sabotaging your success. - Reconnect on the new level tp inner strength, regaining the sense of own power and leadership in life. - Release and Accept whatever false self-perceptions you hold about yourself to come into the authentic way of living.

When: 3rd of December 2:30 to 6:30 pm. Where: 7, Elm Grove, Wimbledon SW19 4HE Cost: £60 per person, Friendship offer - £100 for you and a friend! BOOK HERE Who is it for? This workshop is right for you if you: - Looking for making change in your life and need courage, perspective, determination to do it. - Lacking inspiration, motivation to commit to your Champion goals. - Finding it hard to understand yourself and your needs to see what is you really want in life. We intend to have small amount of participants for deeper personal work. How: The Group Work is done for deeper prominent and lasting change. During group work there will be used Coaching, Meditation and Mindfulness techniques together with Life Alignment. These methods release the blockages, by raising the vibrational frequency, restoring the energy flow, and freeing the emotional stress to bring us back to a state of health and wholeness. The techniques release us from fear and doubt, opening our hearts to presence and trust. The results to expect: - Connection with Champion Self and State of Certainty - Regaining Clarity and Focus - Determination to Move forward in Life - Reboot of self-confidence and self-belief - Detachment from External Drama and Victim like state BOOK HERE.

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