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  • Tania Zayets

Building Bridges

While I announced my “Path of Champion” workshop, feeling deeply pulled to do this work, the little voice in my mind went “And who ARE YOU to do the workshop about Championship?” So I decided to give attention to this uncomfortable voice and LISTEN. Why do I want to do it?

I have this burning desire to build as many bridges in my life as I possibly can. To be this connector where situations have seemingly created impossible gaps and unrepairable breakages.

Bridge in the fog

For many years, During my childhood, I was waking up in the morning to the day that I was hoping will bring togetherness to my family. My parents were on the verge of separation as long as I remembered myself, something that never manifested in the end. But left a big scar of being anxious to lose something that I treasure so much – family, unity, warmth, hominess… Something not to be described by words – but to be experienced and felt.

Being an adult, I together with many others, I believe, carry the anxiety of losing something vital - Our Beautiful Planet Earth - Home for our children and future generations. I question myself every day what can I do or give to bring more unity and togetherness to us - the human race. So we can become this unified force towards being beautiful creators as opposite to distractors of our home.

I am tired of seeing the constant division of “them” and “us”, male vs female, religion vs atheists vs spirituality... Food that have been manipulated into being only calories and nutrition list, education that is measured by grades, people who are measured by the number of possessions they own. Being a society of users and consumers and not interested to know the real price of the goods that we purchase. We often choose and in fact, constantly seek an easy comfort over responsible action and personal accountability. We all feel deprived of something important. We all run and chase something.

How long do we have to go like this before seeing there is no quick fix?

Championship in life is about stepping up your game. Moving away from consumerism towards true authentic living. Honest. Raw. Conscious. With responsibility towards yourself and your environment.

I will be honoured to share my time and space with you on 3rd of December for 4 hours workshop “Path of Champion”. Let's shied away from the fears of being an authentic leader and creator of your life. Let's build bridges towards personal fulfilment and joy.

Early bird price valid till 20th of November. Limited places.…/path-of-the-champion-workshop

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