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9 Tips for Authentic Parenting.

Authentic parenting is about being with your kids in two roles simultaneously: a teacher and a pupil too. We learn to be parents as our kids grow and we are taught, mainly by them, the meaning of parenting.

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Below, I explore couple focus areas, for authentic, honest parenting, which gives an opportunity for you and your kid enjoy the most the time you spend together, while getting them ready to step onto the road of adulthood. 1. Teach child to pray. For themselves and others.

It will keep their ego in check and release a potential neediness to control others and world around them. It will give them a sense that they are part of something bigger and greater than themselves! And a motive to thrive to be their best in this setting. Praying will give a sense of belonging and a healthy sense of responsibility for their action. (Not being over responsible for things they don't have control over).

2. Encourage and inspire children to dream and play.

It connects them to innocence, develops open-mindedness and supports creativity. It gives wings to fly!

3. Promote hard work and active lifestyle. Always to strive to finish what they started and to take pride in their endeavours.

It will signify their creation and, ultimately, will become a supportive factor for establishing healthy self-worth and solid self-esteem.

4. Teach children self-reliance. But it's good to ask for help too!

This way they connect to their own strength and build powerful confidence too. It will help them to develop self-trust and ultimately a trust in others.

5. Practice self-care and self-nurturing.

Doing so with a sense of appreciation of a beautiful gift of life that each one of us has - our body. That includes our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual states.

This will make them withstand and be invincible in the face of the potential abuse, as well as will support an acceptance and compassion towards themselves and others.

6. Guide children towards taking risks. Being open to an opportunity to make mistakes and fail. Being vulnerable.

This will support them to learn best who they are, to discover own strengths and weaknesses. As well it will assist them to be in touch with themselves. It shall award them the courage to do what must and to remain themselves.

7. Make them practice compassion and charity.

This will help them never to feel lonely and will give them a sense of connection, belonging and purpose.

8. Teach them non-attachment.

This shall support developing an honest and a sober outlook on life. Helps to see big in small and small in big, by enjoying what is in front and being present in now.

9. Learn from your children to be open and notice the simple joy of life.

The happy life is made up of millions of sparkly joyous moments. Magic is everywhere! One only needs to have an eye to see it and heart to feel it. Children are born with this ability to be joyful for whatever day brings, and us, parents, should never stop learning from them. And at last, mind you, for those tips to work you will need to apply them to yourself first.


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