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Before you Can Fly. What to do if you are in transition of life.

Learning from Path of Champion Workshop from December 3. All participants in this group shared one common ground. They all found themselves in the state of specific transition. While one chapter or life, whether it was a career, projects, relationships, used ways of relating to the world were already finishing - the new phase hasn't started yet. Human Life like a seasons of the year is cyclical. There are waves to it. And ups and downs is a norm. So what do you do if you find yourself in between the phases or in the literal roundabout of life?

Jumping Tunnel

1. Letting Go of the Old Ways of Doing things. Be ready for a Jump.

You may find yourself with a certain amount of baggage that you are carrying from the past. The current reality requires an upgrade of your ways of dealing with life and actual approach to life. Old methods will not work anymore, If you keep doing things using old tools it will not be sustained... and will bring more of dissatisfaction and disapointments. Moving into the future with the fresh ideas, aspirations, energy and focus requires new tools and methods. You can’t swim the waves of life on old and worn out surfing board. The Surfing board is a metaphor for Relation to Life. Upgrade your dreams, aspire more, hope for better. You deserve a New Surfing Board. Be open to get one! Be wanting to have best tools to get your job well done. PRACTICAL EXERSISE. Please take few minute and reflect on this:

What is there that is offered to me or readily available right now, that can help me to move on to the new stage of my life? It can be distinctive job offer that is hanging there, potential partnership, education opportunity, new project, interesting partnership, writing a book, etc. What are my qualities, skills and talents that I am not embracing enough in my life? What can I do to to receive more support from my environment and people? How can I use what I have learned so far in my life to support me in my move to the next stage of my life?

2. Collaborating with others in the joyful, playful and flowing way.

It’s easy to find yourself unintentionally isolated during the transition from one to another stage of our life, during times when we are simply figuring out ourselves and our life.

Being open to being with people, groups of people can release a sense of inadequacy, disconnection, sadness. It provides immense support too.

PRACTICAL EXERSISE. Please take few minute and reflect on this question: What groups of people out there that I would like to be part of? Who would I enjoy spending my time?

Commit to networking or be part of groups that can be a supportive part of your future. Invest in building relationships with people who believe in you, with whom you can be yourself..

3. Take pride in all your creative ideas, aspirations, and visions.

These are unique and authentic to you expressions of your creativity. Nothing needs to be dismissed, neither to be holding on to.

As well have a sense which ones of these ideas bring you more joy. And which once you can put aside in the safe place to explore later or let go completely. PRACTICAL EXERSISE: Write down all ideas that are in your mind in a idea notepad and make a commitment to one or two. Treasure them. As well try to revisit the rest of them time to time. They are seeds that can be planted when you are ready.

4. Complete things that need to be completed or ditch them and move on.

Be honest with yourself. If you have been dragging with something uncompleted for too long – DO IT NOW OR DITCH IT FOREVER. PRACTICAL EXERSISE. Write down all uncompleted projects and set a dead line next to each one of them. Sense completion which one of them will bring MOST gratification. Do it!

5. Whatever you do – just move forward! JUST MOVE. If you find yourself in transition that has become overbearing and painful, do get in touch for quick chat if I can be of help for you. Path of Champion 14 weeks coaching program for Authentic Achiever. Make a shift. Learn MORE

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