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May your Heart Be Touched this Christmas!

Dear Friends, It's engraved in our Human nature, to constantly look for opportunites for Our Hearts to be touched on many different levels - to awaken us, to fill us up with wondrous senses, to make us feel more alive.

Whether it’s a smile, good old joke, warm cuddle, the joyous moment of receiving that special gift from kind Santa… Christmas time provides us with the most gracious opportunity to Touch and be Touched, whether it's physically, emotionally or spiritually.

Girl with Dad Christmas

It’s that Special Time to open up to more beautiful connections between us. It’s a time of forgiving and letting the heart be bigger than any old past resentments and disappointments that we may carry; it’s a time of Great Heart Opening!

So take this opportunity to be even bigger and more loving version of yourself!

And remember to allow yourself to receive the nurturing from your environment in whatever form and shape it may come - while constantly keeping nurturing others. Touch Hearts this Christmas. As many as you can. Gentle or swift! Whatever You Do - Please Touch Hearts!

"I am sending you my most profound gratitude for letting me being touched this past Year 2017 by your openness and willingness to receive the healing through doing the Life Alignment and Coaching with me.

Thank you for this wonderful journey we shared together."

Have the most enjoyable Time this Christmas!

Lots of Love and Splendour to You and your beloved once!

May 2018 be the Greatest Year Yet! With Warmest Wishes,

Tania. ______________________________________ Path of Champion Coaching Program Early Bird 50% Discount is Running till 31st of December. You still have time to make yourself probably The Best Christmas Gift Ever.

Christmas Present

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