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  • Tania Zayets

Seeking the Purpose

Seeking the purpose is a valid question for many these days. Everyone feels that there is more to life than immediate experience. Anthony Williams, New York Times Bestselling Author of Medical Medium is saying about Purpose:

"We are not each here for just one reason. Within one lifetime, we have many different lives. We don't have to live with singular focus; we have many chances to explore different gifts and serve different purposes - some of which we'll discover along the way and some of which we'll live out without ever knowing how we're effecting change."

The purpose is about WHY we are doing what we are doing. This “Why” has many many layers attached to it. The Life Purpose is not an ultimate point to be arrived at. It’s a journey that you set yourself onto. It consists of many goals, interchangeable missions, and many self-expressions.

Living a Purpose is about being in touch with who you really are and trusting yourself to express it.

Expressing through communications, sharing, works, art – whatever feels right or appropriate to reveal yourself at any given moment.

For some expressing the gift will happen through one more define way, for others – it will be many ways.

In reality, it doesn’t matter HOW you do it, the means of expressing your purpose are irrelevant. They got to be the best possible mean for you at the current moment to do it.

Living your Purpose is what makes a person a better Human as per say. It’s a place of vulnerability, self-honesty and courage.

It’s a journey of arriving into your Authenticity.

When you are ready to step in, I am happy to co-work with you. Life Purpose Alignment takes 3-6 sessions. £60 Skype £90 Live session



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