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  • Tania Zayets

Saying "No" or How to Let Go being a Nice Guy.

In the order to be easier with receiving Rejection, One needs to become better at saying "No" to others.

Fear of Rejection is twisted. I am scared to say "NO", for me not to come across as being a bad guy/girl and ultimately receive a rejection. (Fear that Not being nice will push people away). You may find yourself paralised - not making any moves that matter to you.. instead, constantly saying "Yes" to other people lifes and agendas.

Happy guy

Life may feel very empty this way. All dreams and goals feel more life ghosts.

ENOUGH OF BEING A NICE GUY/GAL! Stand up for what matters TO YOU!

Start saying "No" to what doesn't matter.

By saying "No" to people and circumstances YOU, ultimately, train the Muscle of Dealing with YOUR Personal Rejection. Instead you go:

"Yes, I am saying No and I know you may not like it, but that what matters to me and I shall stick with it."

You see if you are able to respect your own stand fully - you will respect stand of other people. And It will make your life so much easier. There, in your view of the world will be suddenly less bad people and negative influences. But much more time. For you. To do WHAT MATTERS.

So much energy is saved, so much more focus gained. Saying "No" is a Great Exercise to express the level of personal self-acceptance.

And it leads to much more ease with receiving No from others.

And MOVING ON to do things that matter to you! Accepting No from others will free you... From you.

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