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  • Tania Zayets


Leaders are born out of dark hours of solitude and unconventional truth. They are beared on the grounds of despair and pain and evolved in the hardships of mechanical actions of the world. They seek aliveness in their own veins first before seeking it else where. They learn to feel and digest their own emotion before reaching out for compassionate plea of the world.


Leader is a better human in making. Leader must understand their own essence first, seeing their own colours – good and bad and ugly.

Then they can show up.

Wounded, exhausted and wise. Now it’s a time to lead. They can see you, reach out to you and hold you in the space that will help you to do exact the same. Coming to your own truth and authentic beginning.

True Leaders are never born they are made of pieces and fragments of memories of about the world, glass and metal, dances of fairies, and crying of widows.

They are insatiable hungry to use ever moment of their time to give all of themselves. "Why would you go and die with all this unused Gold mine inside of you?" They wait not a minute.

As all that they need is here and now. I recall you dear leaders if you see yourself in between those lines – reach out. Don’t do it all alone.

In union we can access more, do more and believe more.

Co-creation is awaiting...


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