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Adulthood and Insecurity

Insecurity. About the job, money, friends, relationship, ability to stand on your own has a direct link to a distressed inner child that lives within our psyche. Our child aspect doesn't trust our ability as an adult to take care of him, protect him, look after him, feed him, nurture him or her.

Dollar BILL

What unhappy child does? Tantrums, pitifulness, demanding attention or withdraws from life - unresolved inner child issue in adulthood this will play out as continuous self-sabotage of own life that expresses itself through running away from challenges, blame and excuse game, delaying doing what really matters, self-destructing through addictions etc. Self-Sabotage goes hand in hand with insecurity and is nothing but our inability to take an adult stand in life. To take charge and responsibility for the situation. To act as a leader in personal life. An adult position is about being a fully functioning and powerfully contributing member of society, serving yourself and others. ​When it's time to play - you play, when it's time to work - you work. You can't ignore your crying child instead - before you get on with things you must sit down and listen what the pain is all about. Otherwise, this unresolved issue will keep appearing and destroying any chances for your success in life. Many tend to shut the pain with substances or addictions. To numb, to divorce, to cut off the nagging voice. But it doesn't have to be so hard. Instead by looking inwards and addressing the unresolved issues that are stuck from childhood you can gain a powerful, helpful partner from your inner child. As inner child energy is a source of creativity, joy, fun and ease, by shutting inner child voice, you cut your own wings. Conversely, the insecurity will be the sub-product of self-saboteur.

To be fully functioning adult one need to take a few risks in life and be able to stand own grounds. Not hiding behind all gone past. By taking care of your inner child needs, internal healing wounds one truly can stand to their power as an adult. If this speaks to you reach out to see how can I assists you in work with insecurity whether it's financial or relationship or self-saboteur or inner child work.

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