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Equality or What does it mean to be a woman?

Women’s day 8th of March puts gender equality issue to the primary focus once again, while there is so much already happening to reconfirm that women awakening is at it's hype.

Currently women movement has got a powerful momentum, and it’s growing like never before in the history of humankind. The gender bias issues are raised up, and many importantly gender equality dialogues are happening. Mostly, society is looking on how to support women to take an equal position in the workplaces, homes and society.

Uneasy fact, that is hard not to notice, is that often the gender equality message delivered somehow in a fragmented way – “us versus them”, women portrayed as gender that is disempowered and victimised with lots of blame and accusations towards male. Group divisions leads to fragmented society that is much weaker and more susceptible to separations and disepowerment of a nation. While voice of women is raised at the same time the new type of gap is being created. Gap of men vs women.

What is the root of this frustration?

Women fight hard to take the righteously their space in the economic ladder as well they do so by copying the societal model of creating wealth. And in this model women are rather newbies or new entrants, while men occupied it from the beginning of the age.

This results in a lots of both - frustrated men and women. Men more often than not have difficulty to relate to women in leading positions and women holding themselves back to take those positions, for various, as well very valid reasons.

Somehow we all remain blind to one fundamental issue. The world of business and economy that we all live right now was preset by patriarchs mindset, which needed to provide for a family and protect their women and children at home. This mindset is slowly but uncompromisingly is retiring. The patriarchy gradually becomes irrelevant to our time and age.

In other words, the model of the running business and economy and relating towards workplaces in whole was developed by men leading mentality that wasn't imagining women at work.

So when we bring women into the workspace, it's like are trying to fit an elephant into the horse stable. And somehow it doesn’t work. Please bear my configurative language.

I don’t know if you have noticed that women’s approach to work and working space somehow differs? (Of course, it's different as well from one woman to another. My apologies I use generalisation for sake of delivering my point.)

I feel for gender equality to happen women need to pull back and to get a feeling – what does it mean to be a woman first. Simple question. But do you know the answer?

I hear you ... And i bet your answer will be descriptive of language that is culture, family, religion, society biased. But still... What does it mean to be a woman without all that? Apart from the distinct physical differences, the other differences that come into focus is about women self expression to the world?

What I feel needs to happen is for women to start creating female business models. Instead of fitting the box standard that was delivered by men we, women, must undress our lifetime projections and to: 1. Ask ourselves what means to be a woman that I am? 2. Cut the bullshit (please!) about what others tell us about what does it mean to be a woman that I am (culture, society, family, ancestors etc.) 3. Start creating the world we women want to live in from the space of your true authentic FEMININE expression.

Women bonding

Historically, men were protectors and providers. Women were nurturers and carers. In our time and age women mostly don’t need to be neither protected and more often than not being provided too. They can, if choose so, protect and provide for themselves also. So what does it do to men role these days? (Ok it's out of context) And who is to be doing nurturing if women are becoming more and more providers and protectors themselves? Women just borrowed another role?

Yes, WOMEN ARE EXHAUSTED, trying to do it ALL. Dalai Lama said that Western Woman will save the world. I kind of see how now.

Imagine for a moment the world where every woman feels safe. Would there be need to have a war? To protect who? Would we be easy to manipulate into stupid economy battles? Where there is no fear, there is no war.

So next question that women need to ask themselves:

How can she feel safer today?

What does safety mean for her personally?

First and foremost it's to be safe to feel who she is. The safer she feels within her body, within her expression, within who she is and what she does and how she relates to the world, how she is mothering herself and others and how she loves – the lessen the potential for war.

On the day of 8th of March the best gift that woman can give to herself is to ask herself what does it mean to be a woman now time and days? What does it mean to be a woman that she is? Begin a story of unwrapping the treasure hidden well inside.

Disclaimer. My ultimate belief is that Happy Women equals Happy Men. Women can bring lots of healing to the world and lots of impact through beginning her unique journey towards her ultimate authentic expression. I believe that it's through remembering their true essence women can save the World.

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