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Accepting own mortality.

The process takes few stages and it's very individual how long it may take for you to go entirely through that. Once you made a decision, just trust the flow. If you feel discouraged or uncomfortable at any point - say to yourself - All is good. Repeat and let go.

The process.

Whenever you are ready, place yourself in a quiet space, make sure you sit straight, yet in a comfortable position. Your feet are placed firmly on the ground. Hands are relaxed together.

The process goes into few stages decide to do in one go or may break it by days or weeks. As well some stages you may need to revisit, to heal fully:

Stage 1. Accepting own physical mortality.

Let yourself feel your body. By doing body scan meditation. Sense body, the physical part that is slowly dying. It’s dying more with every breath that is taken. Feel the possible grief, sorrow, sadness and be with it. As long as needed. Let it all wash off.

Stage 2. Accepting the limited time on Earth.

See that every new second of life is taken away from the totality of whole human life. See yourself from the moment you were born, with every breath you were taking; you were already dying.

Stage 3. Accepting the moment in time when death happens.

Whenever and whatever the circumstance death happens - just accept it. Seeing it happened. It's inevitable. Stay in this stage as long as needed. Feel the sadness and grieve, despair and be with yourself. Trusting. Death is happening. Once you arrive in full acceptance with it - you can move to the next step.

Stage 4. Identifying a life that is in front.

Now once you faced the death and dying you are back with your body at the moment now. You have clarity about time there is between now and death. Just metaphorically make a lifeline. Of what's available to you to live. Acknowledging it. All the time that is still in front.

Stage 5. Deciding how you want to live the rest of your life and what you would like to EXPERIENCE.

I use word experience as it means a sense of journey and adventure and learning instead chase. You can decide to experience – more love, more joy, more achievement, more sharing gifts, more wealth, more freedom, etc. You can literally picture yourself thing that you decided to experience still. Here is a stage of committing to yourself and making a decision to be accountable for every moment that is lived from now on.

Stage 6. Relaxing into Life. Championing yourself.

Chase is over, and now it’s a time to embark living. It’s not about what I can do. It’s about How can I experience what I wish to experience. Be open to opportunities and embark on them.

Once you decided about personal championship – hold the breath. Life is coming.

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