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  • Author Tania Zayets

10 powerful life choices to bring you into the state of natural thrive.

The easy switch from struggle mindset to thriving mindset happens with the flip of the coin. It’s literally about ability seeing the situation in a new and refreshingly relieving way. Here I present ten powerful life choices you can make today to bring you into the state of true resourcefulness and thrive.


1. Don't put more than you can eat on your plate. Who do you think you are? We carry so much heaviness on our shoulders from the borrowed collective worrisome, pain and and paranoia. Can you do something about this collective weight today? If answer clear “Yes” – Do it. If it’s a “No” - Then release this self-inflated collective responsibility for the world problems and choose to focus on what you can actually do. The heaviness of unresolved world issues on your shoulders adds up to issues, not helping them.

2. Perfection is born, not acquired. We are all perfect by default at a point of our birth. Then we start the journey of fitting into the myriad of images and ideas that make us permanently disillusioned. Instead, look for who you really are and be that. Undress your truth. And welcome that perfection that you are.

3. You are not for Life. Life is for you. Life is the most precious gift human can ever have. Use it. Life is a self-discovery and exploration journey – magical by default. Live it. All is here for Human amusingness and joy.

4. Intuition is a Power. Things start to make more sense once person is more connected to Life. Work on connecting to your gut, intuition, heart. You have all the answers. Start listening to you.

It’s more straightforward than it seems. If the decision in the making feels not right – it’s a “no”. If it brings strength – it’s a “yes”. But never chase joy or happiness. Allow it to come to you. Otherwise, you miss the fun!

5. Be Magical. Life sparkles are hidden in the raindrops and within birds chirping, seeking the gold in the sun rays and diamonds in waterfalls… All is here and now. And never too far from the reach! Let yourself be amused by magic of life. Let yourself be seduced by unpredictable beauty of living! Choose to experience more magic every day. Open up to Unicorns and Fairies. They may just appear ;-)

6. Love bit more every day. Whenever you feel struggle or difficulty in the relationship – it’s a direct request from your heart to open more to love. Find a way! Yes, you can. Instead of seeking love – begin loving and give love today to what is there! Partner, kids, hobbies, nature... Look in the mirror. How can you express more love to yourself today?

7. Be a curious learner. Keep surprising yourself with discoveries every day. Keep childlike awe about the world around. This will keep you young forever.

8. Let yourself be nostalgic at times. Honor your past, the good and the bad. Find a way to have peace with your personal history and admire it. You, as of today are made up of all those little stories you lived through. Your life is like a spider net … somewhere it may have been damaged, and sometimes it hasn’t been well crafted, yet, it is you who did all that hard work. Count your victories, honor your losses. No regrets.

9. Stay Connected. Begin with yourself. As in aeroplane – you must put oxygen mask first for yourself – then for others. Feel what parts of yourself you feel disconnected with? And ask yourself: What can I do for you today? What do you need? How can I help you? What can I serve you with? Can I teach you anything? Give yourself space and compassion just to be. Face your sense of disconnection with certain aspects of life. And regain it back. That is the simple formula for filling fuller and fulfilled.

10. Be Merry. Choose peace. Every single day choose peace over war, over disagreements, over resistance, over anger. Choose peace as a way of living your life. Become that peace yourself. Peace on planet begins with peace within one individual. Be that one individual. Hope you find it helpful!

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