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Human Chameleon

I used to not like to be among people who wouldn’t show their true sides and absolutely couldn’t bare the “chameleon” type of people. Chameleon is someone who will assume the colour of any situation just to be in the balance with current environment.

Green Chameleon

When we look at an animal – we have no issue with chameleon changing colours, as we know Chameleon remains to be Chameleon whatever colours he shows to the world at any time. The same with ourselves, we need not to be hard on ourselves if in certain situations we must assume a position that feels safest and most preferable to our life. As long as we don’t start identify ourselves with that new identity and loose understanding who we really are. What happens to Chameleon if he only sticks to one protective shield? Yes, ot much as he will be soon dead.

The thrive for being authentic must be honest and nothing wrong with creating the rapport (aligned behaviour) with all type of people, situations we come across. As our environment is a lot about hidden survival. It’s worth as well to explore another part of the story. We may have friends, colleagues and even partners and our children may feel safest to show up only one side – one colour of their personality that doesn’t define who they truly are. It can be really upsetting situation indeed when we discover other sides too or not wishing to acknowledge other parts of personalities. Wanting someone to be certain way is old like this world tale of “loose – loose” situation. If we create a space for people to trust us enough, then they may be able to show up more. Otherwise, no need to feel deceived. If someone is not fully honest with you – then you haven’t created a trustful enough space for them to be themselves. Everyone acts from their best views on the situation.

#trust #alignedbehaviour

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