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about money..

No matter the technology advancements and economy rates of growth, the truth is that gap between poor and rich is getting bigger every year. Why is that? After doing some reflections and researching I see that Most people, inclusive me, don't simply claim or, simply, do not take what's available to them. Not exploring and opening up to financial gains and opportunities as they don't trust themselves with handling money.

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There is a lot of fear and self-sabotage that goes with inner negative self-talk that often goes like:

"What if sudden financial success will ruin my family, my relationship, my life as I know it", "What if I will be deceived or manipulated and end up losing it all", "What if I make the wrong investment decisions"?

To overcome the resistance to Wealth and Money inflow is easier if you have a way to channel forward your income flow. If you have a clear idea what you need money for and AND this objective is aligned with who you are, your values - money will definitely more likely will then not. The resistance to owning cash drops off once you know exactly WHAT you need thsese money for.

These channels have to have an essence of being "unconditional" giving.

Think today of three things where you would put you new cash that: 1. would be unconditional 2. will make sense to you as who you are 3. will make you feel more purposeful or in other words, will GIVE A SENSE TO YOUR LIFE.

What are these charitable channels?

The charitable way of thinking creates miracles in our financial life. It opens up new opportunities and opens up us to new perspectives. Would you like to look closer into your personal finance situation? To explore the potential unopened or undiscovered yet finance channels?

Book your one to one by contacting me directly.

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