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releasing energy drainers for better focus

One of the biggest challenges I see people continuously go about in their daily lifes is Focus. It becomes increasingly frustrating, especially while knowing that a laser-sharp focus is one of the main prerequisites of success. Maintaining focus on anything that is truly meaningful becomes continuously challenged by many external factors – social commitments, working conditions, family needs.


While removal of external commitments, people or places can provide a temporary improvement for focus, unless we work on releasing internal energy drainers effective and a champion like focus will not be achieved.

Here I offer a few proven steps to eliminate energy drainers from your life that will positively impact not only quality of your life but your work and business achievements:

1. Become aware of energy drainers. Dedicate some time to observe drainers yourself and list all what you have noticed. Break them on the following categories: People Places Habits Thoughts Attitudes Beliefs

While people and places may be right up on your list and obvious, I like to focus in this article on something that is much harder to realise. The internal factors such as draining thoughts, habits, attitudes, beliefs. In fact, by eliminating those, most likely the draining relationships will change into positive or people energy drainers will automatically be gone from your picture of the world. In my practice, I have experienced people changing jobs, living places and social environment as a result of doing this.

Let's BEGIN with discovering your self-limiting energy draining thoughts. Reflect upon following questions: 1) How do you react if things don’t go according to plan? Do you beat yourself or others up? 2) How do you react if you have done a job well? Do you praise yourself enough? You most likely already know some poor habits that you have. List them. Make them visible on paper. Next, lets explore the day to day your routine mind chatter. Look up for overused phrases: I am not sure... I wish I knew how... I don’t know... I knew it will not work... Oh I can't wait for this to be over... I can’t do it any longer etc.… recognise?! I bet. Sense how your body reacts on these chatters ... it's pure energy leak.

To address this ask yourself: "in whose hands the power to be sure, to know, to make it work stop waiting stop doing what you don't like etc?" If the answer to this question is "it's in my hands" - please move to the next question. If the answer is "in somebody else's hands" - ask yourself "what I need to do to take my power back?" An answer will come.

2. Take charge. Pick one or two energy drainers and playfully begin to re-write them. For example, “I can’t” rewrite to “I can” or even “Of course I can, if I choose so.” It changes the energy! Sense how it feels taking control back into your hands! Every time whenever you acknowledge "it’s all up to me" feeling of empowerment arrives. An empowered state is a resourceful state.


3. Stop arguing with Life. Take resolution oriented attitude. The biggest drainer of all, in my opinion, happens whenever person argues with the Life itself. Question "WHY" is one to watch.

If you hear yourself arguing “Why I have this? Why did this happen to me? Why they did this to me? Why it doesn’t work?” be careful as those questions are massive energy drainers. As they look into blame, judgment and justification for lack of personal action or responsibility.

Change them into action and resolution oriented questions that begin with “What”, “How”, “When” .. For example. “What have I done to have this result?” 4. Indecision pollutants. I have come across this great expression. "If it take too long for you to choose, it may mean that it doesn't matter what you choose." Make decisions where you need to make them. Clear the mind doubt. Indecision is like a hidden leakage in your energy space... Toss the old good coin. It will work as well. You don't like the random answer that you got from tossing? Here you go! You got your answer! It doesn't have to be hard. NEVER.

5. Go outside of your comfort zone. Act. Action is a fantastic way of self-learning and personal growth. Doing task that seamlessly safe, comforting and stable may be a massive energy drainer.

People who act on things that are uncomfortable and outside of their comfort zone get massive energy recharge. It’s like connecting to a NEW energy station supply. Breath!

Notice, how by taking charge of mental clutter, releasing habitual comforting patterns your external world suddenly looks much more clear, certain and, surprisingly in better order.


5. Expect to have an addiction withdrawal symptoms. While energy draining objects and subjects maybe hard to be around, most of us are addicted to certain amount of drama in our life. Whether it’s moaning about Monday morning, or bad weather or awkward politics – we all have something what we LOVE TO DRAMATIZE ABOUT. The invisible stick to beat hell out the world around us in the order to release own dissatisfaction with ourselves is always available.

There is saying “if you want to argue, the object of argument will appear”.

As with any addiction it's important not to fall back and to be super disciplined. 6. Create new discipline for yourself. It can be any regimen that will require you totally to turn around things in your life.

Taking up a challenge like running marathon, signing up to new class or taking a new engaging study, life transnational project can be great way to refocus your resources and to reconnect to your purposefulness. And ultimately to feel more alive! The empowered you not only will choose empowered goals for your life but will be able to deliver them. With it comes iron still focus of life and business champion.


I love to hear your feedback or any questions you may have. Please contact me on

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