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  • Tania Zayets

Women get fertilised!

As many of you know women and girls empowerment agenda was the highest priority on my list, and I spent most of 2018 tapping into a different scale of women empowerment projects. Among them was running closed online women groups, Blossom Clubs, FinTech women projects for the UN and working 1 to 1 with my dear female clients, many of whom are my precious friends too!

And in this massive complexity issue I realised one thing… that there is no magic pill for women empowerment. As well it’s needed as oxygen to our dying (aren't you agree?) patriarchy power oriented system! So what do we do?! You see Microsoft did research to uncover why there are still so few women in leadership roles. The funding was shockingly simple – it all came to two things - lack of role models in society and in the face of female family members - particularly girls' mums, grandmas etc.

Being a mother to a 10-year-old girl myself – I know the direct way for me to support my girl into empowered place – to be that role model myself for her. So she is growing with my example of what empowered woman is.

Sounds simple. There are many movements out there that speak of women empowerment, at times this movement gets a negative connotation, that I feel for a good reason. Many have the message of frustration, anger, sometimes revenge. Many are asking women to step up and be like men. Many just looking to financial resolutions alone and many yet, sadly look to profit from this somehow trendy movement now.

And if you think – it’s much easier to preach, to moan, to blame, or to point fingers. The problem with those is that regards female as disempowered and victimized by default. Women don't need to be rescued into empowerment.


MEN DON'T GIVE US DIAMONDS - Give US fertile environment and WE WILL FLOURISH.

Yes, we women have a massive amount of centuries of conditioning behind us, that in my opinion, presents only one challenge – we women not really sure at a time who we are and what we want. There are so many opinions, researches about our role, so many voices screaming at us "what we are to do" and "how" to help us.

And if you try to follow it all – trust me you will become lost very quickly ( I know I was lost myself).

And the thing is that no one can help it out. AS it's UP TO AN EVERY INDIVIDUAL WOMAN to make HER STAND on the empowerment. So dear women, on an international day I would like to wish you all this: KNOW WHAT YOU WANT – Be your own role model Choose fertile environment for your to flourish. For you and for the girls who are watching you right now. You are an example.


If you don’t know what you want yet – you will once you stop looking for it outside but fixate on yourself.

What do you want?

I was brought up in the country where the 8th of March was and still is a bank holiday. This day for a day women felt special. Mums, grandmas, aunts, sisters, daughters, nieces, granddaughters – became a centre of Universe.

No political or social agenda.

And I feel our life is already complicated as it is – what we need is a celebration! Today I celebrate with giving away a number of dreams fertilising sessions for women who want to move their ideas, thoughts, life objective into reality.

If you are a man – book someone you know who would benefit from it. No strings attached!

Let’s celebrate and fertilise more celebration of beautiful creations in the world.

Here is the link to book FREE 45 min fertilisation session:


Fertilisation session is coaching and mentoring session to support women to uncover their deepest desires and to put them into practical action. To seek what needs to happen for individual woman to flourish.

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