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Simplifying the Infinite Potential.

I don’t know how about you, but I have been a lot a part of conversation discussing human infinite potential, what that really means and how to arrive to that point of living.

To me infinite potential was “sold” as something sweet, empowering and achievable. Yet, it's something that I need to arrive at. And it’s a noble challenge one could take for their life.

“I am an infinite potential… “

Somehow it still sounded rather wishful thinking, somewhat aspiring and empowering vision.

We touch the infinite potential on the base of rational mind, mental work aptitude when we are challenged. When we put our body on the verge of physical challenge and then it goes into this mythical zone – connecting to a moment in time that is infinite.

Somehow we forget that infinite is so much easier than that.

As you are standing on the ground, or maybe you're sitting up.

Now put your head up and look at a sky.

It’s infinite.

So much in sky still unknown and yet to be discovered. The infinite zone.

As you look down, remember you are part of it.

You are part of this space that is called Infinite also, as it’s infinite, so you are, as being part of it.

What do I take from it?

That life no need to be complicated and no purpose on Earth is worth chasing.

As all the infinite that you are seeking you already have – it’s you.

Imagine, nothing needs to be chased. As the highest ever purpose you can imagine – being infinite is already achieved. You are your highest purpose.

Now breath, relax and have a cuppa. ​

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