• Tania Zayets

Why empowerment is important

Empowerment is about feeling better about oneself and having regained sense of confidence. My job as a Coach before anything else is to empower my client, so by the end each session their level of confidence rises and thy ultimately receiving a refreshed overview of their life.

So why being empowered is important?

1. It contributes towards the expansion of personal awareness. People who are more aware have a sober and grounded overlook on their life and life of others. Self-awareness supports in better dealing with personal grudges, fears, self-judgments and criticism. All the obstacles that make us not seeing ourselves in our true light.

2. It increases the amount of choices. Through the process of empowerment coaching, people can shift limiting views over situations, get a better perspective and make fruitful decisions for their life’s. With increase of choices, we easily open up ourselves to more life opportunities.

3. It supports building resilience and contributes to fearlessness An empowered person always looking for resolution of the problem and action-oriented. She understands that any however challenging life situation has learning attached. Also, thanks to those learnings we become better versions of ourselves. We can champion ourselves and build ambitious dreams.

4. It increases motivation An empowered person has an increased amount of self-belief and self-confidence, and they enjoy being in that state. Therefore, they will set themselves goals and work on, achieving them. Continuous personal success is the best motivation one can ever get. Empowered people generally feel more thrive and drive in life.

5. It changes cognitive process Being empowered is a state of being. "Empowered mindset is our birth right." A sense of personal power liberates us in a way how we choose to live our life. There is nothing to prove and no one to compete against.

Empowerment supports person into active experiencing life or in other words - living life to the full.

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