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How to prioritise.

We continuously prioritising in our lifes. Whether we are conscious of it or not. It's a challenging task, as every prioritasation involves a decision making and requires a commitment and responsibility.

So how to do it effectively and efficiently? According Stephen Covey author Bestselling of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, we need to stop prioritising tasks and always prioritise our personal priorities. It’s a good habit to do schedule on a weekly basis and divide tasks into important/urgent and important/non urgent.

All others that maybe be urgent but they are not really important need to be eliminated as these are total energy waste.

How to identify what’s important?

Importance is based on our life’s principles and what we aspire to achieve in our life.

Success is only possible if we are satisfied in all areas of our life. Success at one area of life at expense of others areas e.g marriage or social contribution is not a real success.

It’s a wonderful activity for person to spend some time alone to define their life priorities across all areas. Once it’s clear it becomes easy to prioritise in daily and weekly and annual basis.

So once again choose what’s important and let go what’s not.

Many people feel frustrated with their priorities as they feel however hard they try (especially mums) they still not good enough.

The issue is here comes due to confusing being effective and being efficient. You only can be efficient when you are dealing with things. Whenever we are dealing with people (children) we need to be effective.

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