The Path. Acceleration Program

The Path. Acceleration Program


It's known that key to success is doing things that make your heart sing, envoke passion, make you feel driven and unstoppable. 

In other words, doing what makes one fully engaged with life. 

In the mindfulness practices, it's called being mindful or being in the present moment.

When one is fully engaged with LIFE, he channels up the creative solutions to problems; in fact, he is seeking up the challenges – craving them, he sees life as one big and fun game he plays.

As a collective, we are spending tonnes of money on anything that promises to give us this feeling of being engaged with life fully and anything that will make us feel more alive.

Engagement with life is a currency of a brave soul and fearless explorer, who keeps venturing into unknown again and again.  

Reaching for excellence is not possible without making mistakes and errors, without trying.  
As the way to success made of the road of trials. Many of them will not be successful.

Seeking an Excellence is the reason who I decided to offer Path of Personal Championship Program for those who want and ready to move away from the known and comfortable.
Who want more. 
Who are done with status quo.

If you want different results you need to try different approaches.

The Path is about fearless self-discovery and self-learning to gain more profound engagement with life. 


The Path supports people in:

- Becoming clear about personal Uniqueness, Assets, Resources that one has

- Becoming clear about own purpose and life goals and dreams

- Becoming clear about a sense of direction and how to navigate your own life in the best possible way

- Becoming more of whom you are and releasing social masks

- Doing less and having more

- Becoming present and diminishing stress and anxiety

During the program you will:

- practice self-awareness, connect to intuition, understand more about your gut feeling and the magic push and how to act upon it

- get acting and moving, we will use number of action-oriented tools to get you going

- take the right responsibility for your life and release false obligations, guilt, shame and others unproductive emotions, negative self-image, debilitating beliefs, self-doubting stories 

- will set aligned goals and will work on achieving them – fearlessly

- actualising dreams in alignment

What's Unique about this program?

1. Your project, business, idea, goal is treated as a LIVE ORGANISM and you may need to assume, e.g. parent, guardian, businessman/woman and many other functions to make your dreams happen. We look at is as if we were growing a plant. Beginning with finding the fertile soil, planting, nourishing, harvesting. 

2. We use science-based methodology - robust enquiry, mindfulness, insight deriving elements with nourishment and
care of true lover.

3. The program's ultimate outcome is the expansion of one potential

4. It works with the whole of a person – including all aspects – Finance, Family, Relationships, Health and others.

5. The process is priority and intention led, with you being in charge, and your goals will ALWAYS be a guide for the flow of the session.

The Path is about building up all that you need to become the Best Version of yourself.

Do less and achieve more. It's about acknowledging and honouring your ability as a creator of your own life. 
Instead of criticising – you see every challenge as an opportunity to create and put your mark on the world.

The Pillars of Path of Personal Championship 

1. Aligning Values and Actions – Identifying your values and setting actions with alignment to those values. 
Or you will sabotage your success.


2. New Paradigm Wealth Building  - Identifying the abundant living mindset that uniquely correct for you and setting goals in alignment with your Wealth code. Abundant living means a different thing for everyone. We will work on what's unique for you.


3. Being by Doing – being present doesn't mean not acting but about being mindful in every aspect of your life.
The mindful approach of life saves tonnes of energy and creates health and wellbeing.


4. Fulfilment Through Personal Mastery – It's not quantity that counts. We understand that all deliciousness of life is hidden in more profound experiences and deeper connections. Only through the mastering of something that you deeply passionate about, fulfilment becomes possible. What is the area of expertise you wish to excel?


5. Positive Impact led Advancements -  Every action whether we want to see it or not does impact someone or something in our environment. Make a positive impact as you are advancing in your goals.


6. Authentic Communication – is the core. Also, it begins with being honest with oneself. We will work on bringing a higher level of self-awareness for ultimate authentic expression. Let's remember that communicating authentically is healing for the world as it allows others to do the same. Masks off!


7. Move away From Chasing towards Creating Mindset
Do less and achieve more. It's about acknowledging and honoring your ability as a creator of your own life. 
Instead of criticising – you see every challenge as an opportunity to create and put your mark on the world.

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Achieve in your own pace:

12 sessions spread in frequency either 3, 6, 9, 12 month 

Your contribution:
- 12 to 16 hours of your time
- £1,000 fee 

My contribution:
- 12 to 16 hours of my time 
- 12 years of business leadership and management experience in various roles

- Ten years of profound personal growth and development work that made me become a sturdy mirror holder
- Two Masters degrees in business and management
- My lifetime experience

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