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"I had not sought business coaching before as I did not feel I had prepared my business to be in a position for scrutiny or to know what questions or problems I needed solving most to make best use of a coach’s time and to make the best impact to my business. 

Tania Zayets coaching was incredibly helpful in enabling me to see conflicts and problems as opportunities for my business to become better and stronger. She helped me to see that flaws in the model were being highlighted when I came across problems and that helped me to identify the problem, and address it so it did not become a problem in future. She helped me to improve my business using this method which enabled my business to thrive within a very short period of implementing the measures we discussed. 


Tania helped to reveal issues I was trying to avoid and address them.


I would recommend Tania’s coaching to any business, particularly a startup like mine where I don’t have all the systems in place and benefit from Tania’s advice enormously


Cheryl Pilliner-Reeves

BA(Hons) DipArch MA(AAenv) RIBA ARB fHEA

Cheryl Pilliner-Reeves

BA(Hons) DipArch MA(AAenv) RIBA ARB fHEA

Coaching with Tania was a breath of fresh air each week. She is an amazing listener. Reflecting back just what I needed to hear to make the shifts I needed to make. Even when I was very emotional throughout the session, Tania held space very strong, empowering way so that I could move on through those emotions, get a sense where they were coming from and come back to balance.
Over a period of time that I worked with 
Tania, I felt calmer about life, more able to make decisions and take actions, trusting that things would be ok. I felt more in control - remembering that I can control how I feel about life and my feelings don't have to control me.

Kseniya Moroz


I had outstanding sessions with Tania. 
The most significant impact of our sessions has been an understanding of my core values
,that help me create what I plan to create. 
Tania helped me through these sessions to move forward with my idea – to go from a thought, to actually doing and implementing things towards my goals. 
Another significant impact has been aligning of my priorities to help focus my energies on my goals. Tania has helped me with that a lot through these sessions. 
I would highly recommend Tania's coaching sessions

Lomax T

IT industry professional

I found my sessions with Tania particularly helpful, finding clarity with a number of personal and business issues. She was very patient and encouraging, as I unearthed blockages, which initially I was unaware existed to such depths, until we worked together to clear them. Her intuition and natural ability to tune into people is exceptional. I highly recommend her services.


Business Owner

The aim of my work with Tania was clarification of my work goals.
During our
sessions Tania helped me to create and implement a detailed action plan
allowing me to move my business forward.
She suggested new solutions for my website and social media. She also helped me to see
new options for opening my work to
larger number of people.
I have found Tania to be a deeply caring and passionate person. She is very good at holding the space and listening to the client. I always felt heard and supported.
Tania’s broad vision helped me to see the many opportunities that I have been missing till now. She has given me the confidence to try new things and I always had a chance to come back and revisit ideas that I have not had the courage to implement.

Sue Peterson

Small Business Entrepreneur

"I must first say a big thank you to you. You have really helped me so much, really extinguishing some deeply held beliefs that I have had about myself which are really transforming my life. But I think one of the biggest things I have learned from you is that it is ok to live and love everyone and to live with joy. I think previously I was of the belief that love is exclusive for your lover or family and I have read a lot about love in books the past year to challenge that idea. But meeting you I saw a person with deepset love and joy and a caring nature and even your words transmit this and jump! I just think it's a wonderful and natural state to live and have since adopted it into everyday life sending out love and kindness to all I meet, people walking bye in the street, the people who work in the coffee shop, people in my office and the results have been a much more enjoyable existence. It's a wonderful and natural way to live and it's a state to share with everyone we meet not just our closest "loved" ones. So really thank you."

Nicholas Howden

Financial Analyst, England, Essex

"Grade A job you did today Tania. Always of course, but still more so today. I feel quite spectacular. You are a jewel on the firmament, truly you are... What a gift!"


Fashion Designer, England, London

Being Coached by Tania has been a truly unique experience. She is a very sensitive and
empathic woman. She is a great listener and her questioning drove me into the right direction.
I managed to set boundaries and I achieved important goals I had set for myself. She is a
very kind and strong woman. Her intuitive coaching guides 100% you towards what you need. The answer was inside me she put a light on it so I could see it. I am really grateful to her.

Laura B

Education Industry

"If you're looking for someone who will make you take action and empower you Tania is the right person to turn to.
Be assured, she won't leave you hanging and will stay with you until you reach the perfect solution and commit to the next step. I've known her for many years and she still amazes me with her persistence, knowledge and compassion. You will cry and laugh with her and you will definitely move forward."

Katarzyna Rutkowska-Parkes

"I had many different coaches but with Tania, for the first time, I was truly able to experience the amaizing power behind connecting with the big goal. She has this natural gift of getting out what you really seek in life, embrace it and work towards achieving it. At the end of each session, I have a plan of actions which takes me one step closer to achieving the big dream. I recommend having coaching with Tania to anyone who wants to reconnect to their dreams."

Dariush Zurek

Product Manager, England, Birmingham

"Dear Tania

This is the easiest Testimonial I have had to made it so.

Having had an affair over many years, with someone who I did care about in a foreign country where I was working.

I was faced with the stark and tough reality of manning up and facing the facts of losing my wife and everything we had spent over 20 years in making with her.

I was asked by my wife to meet Tania in London and have three sessions, which I did. Not an easy thing to do for an ex-soldier and a sceptic....however it happened.

I found Tania a gentle and undemanding  woman I could talk and relate to...her professional and sensitivity are quite remarkable...."I don't know her."  

Tania has a gift.

To listen, intuitively respond and compute another pertinent and sensitive question, which I was able and not able to answer, through tears and honestly.

But it's not about a right or wrong answer...its about purging one's self.

She knows if it's it's honest or not. "She feels it."

Her fidelity is everything. Session three was.... "I would not say enjoyable", but relaxed enough to look forwards to facing my wife, with an honest pair of eyes and sincere heart.

I personally will be indebted to Tania for her Life Alignment skills and her gift. Her brilliant compassion and being amazingly neutrality. 

Thank you, Madame."


Pete Morgan

Real Estate, England London

"Tania is an energetic pragmatic spiritual woman, who walks her talk and facilitates a safe environment for people who want to explore the change in their lives. Things I admire about her are that she has very high integrity when working with people. She feels very passionate about her work as a life alignment practitioner. And she is very creative and inventive in her workshops. I have experienced her work as exciting, fascinating and valuable. I would recommend working with her to others who want to gain more insights in themselves in order to act on them and create change."

Anna Wickham

Finance Executive, England, London

"Our marriage of 25 years was on the brink of collapse.  My husband, who at the time was totally sceptical about the Life Alignment therapy, agreed to have three treatments with Tania.  During which period I too had Relationship focused Sessions with Tania.


I found Tania to be totally non-judgemental and the confidentiality that she maintained throughout the process was admirable.  Tania’s mediation was without doubt the catalyst that helped restore our relationship by clearing many issues, from both sides, which caused the breakdown of our marriage.


I will be eternally grateful for the professional but at the same time sensitive manner in which Tania helped us bring harmony, love, acceptance and respect back into our lives together.


Thank you Tania."

S. M.

Real Estate, England, London

"Today I received a session from Tania.
This was a very profound and deeply insightful, energising, enlightening experience.
After the treatment, I felt my whole body and mind felt really alive and invigorated, filled with light and colour. I felt much more present & 'in' my body.
I felt much, much younger than I did before the treatment and had the energy & attitude of a young child.
I am now full of Light and vigour & optimism. 
Tania is a very caring and conscientious coach.
I thoroughly recommend Tania to you as a coach.
I can promise you, will not regret the experience!"

Andy Baker

Foot and Mouth Artist, England, London

"I didn't want to shower you in thanks and gratitude the other day as It would probably have embarrassed you! but I have to say you were amazing and fantastic!! You really created a safe space for me to release that massive emotion and guided me so carefully and, it would seem, very accurately to a place I had no idea even existed. I am so amazed at what you did and how you did it!! Thank you, soo very very much for helping me."
You were amazing!!

M. Hiron

In the process of career change, England, Essex

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